Random thoughts in the tub

In thought on April 23, 2013 at 1:33 AM

As I sit here relaxing in the cool waters of the bathtub after a hard day’s work, I thought that I would share some random thoughts with you fine readers.

As many of you may know, and do yourselves,  if you check behind the shower curtain for killers, what, exactly are you going to if you find one? I guess that since you are in the bathroom already, having the “crap” scared out of you wouldn’t really matter, no?

Another idea that I’ve had was how cool it would be to have have a bathtub as a bed. I quickly disbanded those thoughts because I remembered what one does in the tub. Sleep and water do not mix…..!

If all household eater is recycled, then just think…you are bathing and drinking dinosaur pee! Just remember that next time you pee in the river!

No matter what, BATHROOM WATER IS BEYOND GROSS! Only drink kitchen water.

The modern toilet design is only slightly varied from its original invention; the original had a straight pipe connection from the toilet to the underground, whereas the ones we have now use an ‘S’ curve to stop sewer smells from coming back and into the house. Of course, this only works if you close the darn lid!

Another random thought is that I wonder how many humans are enjoying a bathtub soak right now and of that number, how many are currently engaged with using their phone. I can already count one!

Well, I think that I will end it here for the night.


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