Time travel?

In possibilities on May 17, 2013 at 12:18 AM

As I sit here watching Bill and Ted, I was thinking about the possibility of time travel.

I believe that it would be great, and horrible. Great because I could go back and see some of history’s greatest moments, and horrible because who would go back and change history?

If we did master time travel, we could only go back to where we had the technology to create the time machine itself. By that I mean, we couldn’t see the birth of the universe, because it would be billions of years before have the technology to power the machine to get home, unless it runs on something other than the fields we know of today. Of course, if we only discover them today, well….

If I had a time machine, I wouldn’t go back and assassinate Hitler, for the simple reason that it would alert history in an unknown way. Would the world be any better without his tyranny? Would someone else have the same idea? Who knows how the world would turn out? I would, however go back and spend some of my teen years watching TV shows with my Dad, and see Kirby Pucket hit that game winning home run to send the World Series into seven games, however… I wouldn’t go into the future, just because it seems like a good idea to let it unfold; short of like Christmas morning. No one wants to ruin that mystery, right?

I wouldn’t go back in time to stop any president from being elected, or assassinated, but I would go back and see the Kennedy assassination, just to end the damn debate! Maybe Roswell and that incident, just because I like ufos, and would love to fuss out if that was one, our if the conspiracy folks are right… Maybe make people think that my father and I are twins…probably not….

I would love to live a day I’m the sixties out the fifties, but only a day…I’ve grown accustomed to modern times.

Those are just a few ideas as to what I would do with a time machine and why we couldn’t have one in my lifetime. I would love to hear your ideas as well. Please feel free to comment and share. Thanks.

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