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In TV Shows on May 22, 2013 at 3:24 AM

As I lay here in bed, I’m reminded of my childhood, and his great it was. Not all if it was great, but we had each other…and great TV shows!

When I was a kid, if you diet watch Pokemon, you where not cool. No Pokemon cards, no friends. “Who’s Charizard?” You asked, and a friendless elementary school you went to! Yu-gi-oh! was next, but ivwas in homeschooling then, so I already had no friends….. I missed growing up in the 80’s, so I didn’t have the pleasure of watching new episodes of G.I. JOE, but luckily for me, there exists a technology called DVD.

Now a days we have Spongebob…I actually enjoy that one… One show I enjoy watching, but never figured out is The Suite Life on Deck. His did Mr. Tipton get approval to put a school on a cruise ship with maybe eight kids? For that matter, how did they manage not to get it taken captive by pirates? They went to exotic locations all the time, and God knows London was dumber than a sack of squirrel poo! She could’ve eaisly given the ship to them in a heartbeat. On that note, should Mr. Tipton pay a ransom for his daughter’s return……?

I also cannot grasp the concept of Family Guy and American Dad being on the air this long. When they started, they where right out of the gate funny. Stewie was a criminal mastermind who wanted to kill his mother, despite him needing her for survival. Brian was the voice of reason on the show, which always hung around Peter and often got him out of the trouble he git himself into. Now Stewie is gay (nothing wrong with that) Brian is a Liberal dick and everyone is dumb, and the show hasn’t been funny in years…about the only thing that is still true to the origins is everyone hates Meg. I never thought that American Dad was hilarious, but it had a few funny moments (“Sweet Sean Hannity!” springs to mind), despite it being a VERY thinly veiled attempt at Seth MacFarlan making fun of conservative Republicans. The Cleveland Show is another one of his formulated shows that takes a dopey dad, smart wife, kid nobody likes, a weird/unusual pet/neighbour and puts them in wacky situations. Don’t believe me? Just watch an episode of any show, and substitute one for another, after a while you can’t tell the difference…

One other thing about TV that I can’t understand is why Fox cancelled King of the Hill twice. Lord knows that it was the only saving grace that network has. For me, it was more of a lifestyle program than a cartoon. You had Hank who wanted his boy to grow up proper, a bunch of oddball friends who would’ve died long ago if not for him, and what I remember most, a strong sense of right and wrong, that no man, woman, or idiot neighbour could shake! I admire that in a person, real or not!

The Simpsons. It is another Fox fox formula show that is written by left-wing idiots who take a small piece of note and stretch it into a preachy message episode of smut. When it came on 25 years ago, it was great. My whole family would crowd around the TV Sunday nights and watch it. The next day saw every school kid saying “D’oh!” when we made a mistake and enjoying the laughter of our classmates. Now, I know that after 25 years and a ton of changes in the laws of TV that you can’t have Bart being the schoolyard smarm that he was in the beginning, but is it too much to ask the show not be so preachy and boring? I think not!

Malcolm in the Middle was another show that we watched because in those days we didn’t have cable. I never got it, mainly because I had one brother and was the baby of the litter, and never understood their version of the family life?

I did enjoy the X-Files, even if I had to be in bed before it started…sorry, mom…..

Nowadays kids have somewhat educational programming. Dora does teach kids Spanish, and living in California, you seem to need it. Not being a racist, just pointing it out…

TV shows need more family-centered programming like King of the Hill, or even some other such programming. Hell, give me an episode of the Muppet Babies, for Fozzy’s sake!

Of course we have people who think that TV is ruining the family values, but if you didn’t plop your kid in front of the idiot box, and spent more time talking to them, maybe you wouldn’t have them running the streets… Just saying.

Thank you for reading, and feel free to share your own ideas in the comments box.

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