Have some warm milk?

In annoyances on May 26, 2013 at 7:06 AM

As I lay here at close to six o’clock, it is yet another sleepless night. Some readers of mine may remember the blog where I discussed the problem that I have where I cannot sleep most nights. I have been offered several tips, some more helpful than others, but yet again I am facing the sunrise and asking myself why.

One of the tips that I received was to cut out caffene all together; that just ain’t gonna happen. See, I’ve been drinking coffee since I was a boy, and it has little effect on keeping me up. I drink it when I am awake, because it gets me awake, but it doesn’t keep me up. Even when I have been working all day, coffee is no match.

One other tip was to sleep in a quiet room. No TV, radio, or light. Just my comfy bed, and blanket. Well, I have a dog so the quiet thing goes out the window. Some have said that excitement for the coming day is what is keeping me up. Well, mist days are boring, as I maintain a schedule of sorts. Work, home, pickup my aunt from work, home. Very rarely is there any so-called “excitement” in the pending day. My mother recalls even while I was in the womb, I was active when she tried to sleep. I have accepted this as fact. I am not trying to change this, as there is no use it.

In the past, I have tried counting sheep, but my ADD kicks in, and instead if counting farm animals, I think of all the things that I should’ve done in that day, or will do in the future. I have a soft bed and pillows, so getting comfortable is not the issue. What I think the issue is, however, is the fact that as a child I wrestled with my brother, played football, rode a skateboard, and played many “street” variations of pro sports, so my knees and back aren’t the best. I do not believe in medication for your ailments, but I have considered taking some form of sleep aid. Hell, if it helps, right? If I could afford it, I would invest in a white noise machine, but after a while, I would get tired of the buzzing noise and want to shut it off!

One fellow suggested that the nature of my sleeplessness stems from my “adicition” of tobacco. I have read some writings on the subject, and one side effect (aside from cancer) is sleeplessness because your body is craving the niccotene; that one holds a bit of water, but I am not a slave, so to speak, to tobacco. I would try the warm milk as the title suggests, but I don’t have any. A friend if my mother’s suggested repeting a single digit number, such as 2, until I fall asleep; see above for the entry about counting sheep…

I truly envy the guys who can sleep anywhere and anytime, for the simple fact that they posess the ability to sleep!

Well, I am starting to the Sandman’s embrace, so I will attempt this sleeping thing again. If you have any suggetions for me on the topic of sleep, PLEASE, I beg of you to PLEASE comment and share them! Thank you


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