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As I finish an episode of King of the Hill, I decided to vent a few questions that I have, and share my thoughts on the series.

When it debuted, it was different than what Fox had with The Simpsons and Family Guy, as it was family oriented, and wasn’t “blue”. It had comedy, but also had life lessons that everyone could relate to. It had just about zero drama, aside from the propane explosion at the Mega-Lo-Mart, that is.

Hank was the assistant manager for Strickland Propane, which for today, is a lost art; everyone has to have a fancy job and and car, Hank had two trucks in the series’ run. Just two. Bobby was the typical teen, didn’t want to partake in sports, good at video games, great at getting his dad to say “That bout ain’t right”. Peggy was the misguided wife, who tried to price she knew enduring, despite being wrong on just about everything except Boggle. The crazy neighbor was played by Dale Gribble, and who amongst us can say honestly that they have never known a crazy neighbor? Kahn was the Asian who hated living next to rednecks, but tried making the best of it. Bill was the neighbor who, despite all of Hank’s trying, just couldn’t do much for himself. Boomhouer was a mystery…at least until the final episode, that is. The program even had the crazy, stuck in his ways grandpa, played by Cotton, the WWII vet.

I remember when the show premiered. It was a boring Sunday night. My family was prospering for the next work and school week. The programme started with Bobby playing softball and getting beaned in the head. That was the best part of any cartoon I have ever seen! When the introduced Kahn to the neighbours, I was howling with laughter when Bill kept asking “So are are you Chinese, or Japanese?” despite being told Kahn was Laotion. It’s a tad racist, but funny. The way Hank introduces himself as “Hank Hill, assistant manager, Strickland Propane” was the highlight of my week.

Hell, out was the only show too make grandpa dying hilarious. When Cotton died, I laughed so hard…he thought the chef of the Japanese restaurant was trying to cut him, so he jumped onto the stove, melted shoes and all, and asked Bobby, “Are they going to have too take my knees, boy?” That was funny!

I also have a few complaints about the show. Such as, ever notice how the calender never changes, yet the show takes place in all times of the year? Also, how does Luanne age from 17 to 21, yet Bobby only ages from 12 to 13? The show was on for at least a decade…you think the lad would’ve at least gotten to age 14 in that time span! If Dale was convinced that the government was watching him, how did he not know that Boomhouer was a Texas Ranger? You think that most guys like him would know that, right? Before they explored Peggy and her background, she was born and raised in Texas, but they changed that to being the daughter of a harsh Montana rancher without explaining it; they did the old sweep it under the rug thing that Hollywood is famous for, I guess. They did explore the relationship of Kahn and Minh, but briefly. If memory serves, Kahn was a treble in the eyes of Minh’s father, but she loved him, and after The General realized it, he was ok with it…but they never have much thought to the second, our third tiered characters; Bill fell in love with Kahn’s mother, which upset Kahn naturally… Anyone remember even the guys built Kahn’s swimming pool? They never seemed to mention that again, not did they explain what happened to GH after Cotton died. Did he and Debby move in with family or what? I need closure, here!
Peggy was the time substitute teacher of the year, until she went to work for the paper. They never explained if she kept her teaching license or not, either.

Did Bobby finally become a prop comic, like he wanted? How did Boomhouer find time to be a Texas Ranger if he was always chasing trail? For that matter, did Dale ever make enough to live on as an exterminator? We ask know it was a matter of time before Nancy left him for John Redcorn, right?

Anyway, that is my post about King of the Hill, I hope you enjoyed it. If you know anyone who has power in the entertainment world, convince them top make a movie about this show, the world needs it!


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