In Childhood on May 31, 2013 at 5:46 AM

For some time now, I’ve been asked why I haven’t said anything about mama. Well, I’ve blogged about my other family members, and since I do love mama, this blog will be all about her.

Where do I begin? Well, my mama is a sweet lady, always with a smile and something to eat…did I mention that she is a southern girl? My fondest memory of mama is when we where little, and we would walk everywhere together. Just her and me, chatting all the way there, and laughing all the way home; it made the walk shorter.

Her and daddy where married for thirty years, up until his death a few short years ago. They loved each other every day of their marriage, and mama still loves him.

I got in trouble a lot as a kid, so growing up, my one real fear was of that damned wooden spoon! She would tan my hide with it, but…oddly enough, not that often… It’s a trait that I believe ALL southern mamas have…that and wet hands! Even though she had to dole out punishments, we knew then, as well as now, that she loves us. Hell, just yesterday she baked me a cake. An entire cake just for me! Of course, I show my love for mama, as well. Im always there if she needs me, and I carried her bed home on my back, so…..

My mother has always been there for us, always with a bit of advice, or “Yens hungry?” To every person that comes over. Us kids never went hungry growing up, even if she had to to make sure we kids and daddy had fuel for school and work.

When I went to Utah for a while it tore her up. we talked on the phone, and online every night, but I could tell she was broken up by not having her baby boy there in person. When I got home, she was happier than a puppy chewing Jell-o! The first thing she said to me was “There’s some ramen in the cupboard, help yourself, hon.” Needless to say, I, too was overjoyed to see mama and have her cooking again. A year and a half of not having her home cooking really gets a boy down!

When I was recovering from unknowingly eating something cooked with fish, I could tell that mama was happy to take care of her baby boy. As some of you may know, I am not an only child, but both of my siblings have families of their own to care for, and since I don’t, and the economy is not great, I’m home, and happy to help take care of mama, and her taking care of me.

I love you, mom


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