Robinson Caruso

In exploration on June 9, 2013 at 10:54 AM

I’ve been asked that age-old question “what would you take with you on a deserted island” so many times that its become obscene. For a while, I kicked around a few ideas, but as I aged, I grew to realize one glaring flaw in that scenario: if I’m on an uncharted island, how did I get there, and if I know about it in advance….why wouldn’t I just take a boat of some kind? I understand that the question is supposed to be some kind of mental game, but come on.

If I where washed ashore on said island, and not able to take or have supplies dropped off from the air, I would first try to find fresh drinking water. Next would be to make shelter. Preferably above ground, as I wouldn’t know what creepy-crawlies would try to infest my body while I slept. The third thing would be food. Now given that I cannot eat fish, I would hope that there is some deer or other source of meat in this island! The food thing may be first, as I would probably be hungry, given that I was just washed ashore and have no idea when the last time I ate would be. I would also have to fashion some sort of weapon, not just for food, but I may need some sort of protection. If I could choose the location to which I was dropped, naturally I would choose some place that had a lot of natural resources, such as a farm of some sort, or a grocery store.

Of course I will answer the question and lust the three items that I want to take with me. The fist item I would take with me would be some sort of weapon, like a rifle, or at the very least, a knife. Second would be tobacco and a pipe, as I doubt the Grizzly or Skoal would hold up to the heat or humidity or rain storms on the island. The third and mist important item…A BOAT TO GET OFF THE DAMN ISLAND! (Remember now, in this scenario, apparently I am able to pack fir this excursion, so why wouldn’t I take a boat with me?)  Naturally, there are things that I wouldn’t bring with me. Things such as wood (I’m sure this island has trees) any electronic device (I’ll leave that one to you guys to figure out why). I also wouldn’t bring anything that couldn’t be sacrificed in the event that I needed it. Things such as gold jewelry as I wouldn’t be able to get the fire hot enough to melt it down, nor would I be able to use it for much.

Well, folks there you have it. The items I would bring with me are again: tobacco, weapons and a boat. So in closing, let me ask you what would you bring with you on a deserted island?

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