This going to anger you…

In Rants on June 15, 2013 at 8:01 PM

This blog will be why religion is bullshit; if you are a deeply religious person, then read something else…you have been warned.

I grew up in a family that was deeply Southern. What I mean by that is God, family, fun. In that order. All my life I’ve heard “Trust God to provide for you”, and I did…for a while. See, my father used to believe in God, but as he grew up, he started reading the works of Carl Sagan and that made sense to him, as it did me. My mother still goes twice every Sunday and reads her Bible and lives her life by it. I tried going once, and in an effort to convert me, her pastor said “Read the Bible. It’s the best book ever written.” So I did…

Here is a small list of the problems that I have:
1 if God created the sun on the forth day, how had four days passed? It would’ve been one really long night.
2 If God created ONLY Adam and Eve, who birthed Caine and Abel, who fucked their mother to get a wife? And who committed incest to get a child? See, I’m not even out of Genesis before I’m puzzled!
3 if Noah had made a boat big enough to carry two of every animal, how did he keep the predator animals from eating their prey? How did a snake not eat a mouse? How did a hawk, who is EXTREMELY territorial not kill another hawk to keep his claim?
4 Who wrote the Bible, and how do we know any of its true? Now, they have found evidence of places mentioned in the Bible, but it does not make it true, it just means that someone found something mentioned in the Bible. The Arabs have a similar story about the “great flood” also.
5 Did God send his only son here to die, or did he die because he was sent here? If you truly are the Son of God, why would you just let someone crucify you? Not to mention that the Romans had a guy who do what Jesus did…
6 The King James VERSION of the Bible. Who the hell gave King James the authority to change and thus make billions of people believe the “word of God”? My favourite argument is “Its not in the Bible, but it’s true”. OK, its not in the Bible, but Elvis is God, right?
7 It says in the Bible “Men with long hair and beards should be ashamed” So, what your telling me is that because Jesus has (or at least is depicted as having) long hair and a beard, that he should be ashamed? Seriously, dude? It also says that you can sell your daughter into slavery, and that Jesus paled around with a whore, which is sinful, so I guess that makes Jesus a sinner? If I die and go to hell, I’ll see Jesus there because he was friends with a whore? Seriously…

The Bible contradicts itself with almost every passage. If God created us, who created God? And don’t give me that shit about “he’s always been there.” We both know your bullshitting because you don’t know! Not to mention that science has proven we have been here for billions of years, not just thousands…
My favourite thing to ask any religious folk is “what was God doing between the time the dinosaurs died and man walked upright?” No matter what religion you are when I ask, I never get a straight answer. Was he (or she) sitting on his cloud fiddling with his (or her) thumbs for sixty odd million years? That’s a mighty long break! Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that the Christian holiday of Christmas originated with the Norse (Vikings). They burned Thor’s favourite log in celebration of him and brought in an evergreen tree to simbolize the oncomming spring. Decorations came from Germany many years later.

Homosexuals are sinful, says the Bible…Well, the word ‘homosexual’ didn’t even exist when the Bible was written, and everyone just fucked whatever or whomever they could when they got urge! The Greeks, Turks, Norse, Romans, French; all of them! They all fucked men when they got the urge to, but the Christians had to go spread the word that God didn’t like it. They also changed “God’s word” to more suit the pagans whom they could not convert. The Norse used a T shape to symbolize Thor’s hammer, as he was the God of protection, but the Christians believed that Jesus (who is also the father, son and holy spirit, apparently…) was the only God needed….

OK, I’m going to end it here, but please, go on living your life, and praying or not praying, or whatever you do. As always if you have any comments to add, or just want to yell at me fir shitting on your beliefs, then feel free to do so in the comments. Thank you


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