In TV Shows on June 17, 2013 at 12:54 AM

This Wednesday will bring the final season of Futurama. I must say that I am not sad to see it go. When it started it was funny, if not weird.  When Fox canceled it, I was sad. Many years later, Comedy Central started running the old episodes…then news came that all new episodes and my heart went crazy. When I started watching them…I was disappointed. They had done what every other TV show does when they hit a skid; pop culture satire. Even the episode I’m watching now is an “Obama/Birther” parody of the 2004 election. Did the writers just give up?

The final years of its original run where made into movies, which Comedy Central ran as sort of a primer on the series. I enjoyed them, but as the series wore on, every episode became a message, or beat you over the head with politics episode. I believe I ran out of love for the show when the “EyePad” episode aired. See, that episode was a parody of Apple’s iPad, and instead of it being a piece of hardware, they installed it right into your eye! Not funny. Then they had the aforesaid episode with the Obama parody. I gave up then, and I’m strongly considering giving up on it again.

Did Matt just sell the rights because he needed money? I’m ecstatic that Comedy Central got the entire cast together again, but at what time do they say…”This is shit”? I miss the episodes where it was all comedy all the time.

Take for instance, the first X-Mas episode where the world feared Santa because he killed the people instead of delivering presents. Bender played the role of Santa and had to deliver the presents while trying to dodge the real Santa. “The box may be empty, but the message is clear. Play Santa again, and I’ll kill you next year!” Ring a bell, or how about “I come bearing gifts. Look, I have Tri-ominos”? This new season just didn’t have the humor that made the original run outstanding.

Before you ask, yes, I will be watching, if not to witness the final episode of the show that helped shape my childhood. The promos have promised a “true ending” to the series, and I wish to finally put a feather in the cap that was Futurama.

A few things that I would’ve done to make the show a bit better would’ve been to not let Fry and Leela get together, it just took some of the humor away. I thought it was sweet, all that Fry did to whoo her, like trading his hands for those of the Robot Devil’s so he could play the holophoner. Sadly, they had to ruin it by finally making them get together. Also, I wouldn’t have given Zoidberg his back story. Something about knowing that he saved the professor’s life once and wasn’t always a bumbling idiot just took some of his comedic character away. I understand that some people (like boring writers for instance) needed to know, but I felt that the episode where his uncle tries to make a movie but gets passed over for an Oscar was enough.

Well, just remember, the series will live on through the magic of DVD and Netflix. So, in closing…bite my shiny metal ass!


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