In annoyances on June 18, 2013 at 2:49 AM

It’s old hat by now, but the gaff made my Miss Utah in the Miss Whatever Pageant got me thinking…why aren’t these things illegal? At least for those under 18.

Shows like Toddlers and Tiaras just reinforce my beliefs that “pageant moms” are the worst possible parents. I was wondering if they where once in pageants themselves, but they slept with the judge and got knocked up, and now they have to force their dreams onto their kids. I cannot grasp the idea that “my kid wants to be in these pageants”. No, your young kids wants to poop and eat just like every other kid! No kid wants to spend hours in hair and makeup, even if they get to pretend to be a princess. When they reach adolescence, they will become spoiled, bratty kids who have developed drug and anorexia problems. Or worse…Honey Boo Boo! That brings up another question I have: are the feminist groups protesting this? If not, why not? I can make their argument for them; they parade the stereotype that women are beautiful, but dumb. The Miss Carolina gal with her answer on why children cannot find The US on a world map, and the aforementioned Utah gaff of a few days ago springs to mind…. If that isn’t enough cause to protest, the bikini contest is also something the feminist groups have to hate, right? A bunch of men eying the scantily clad women like meat, they have hate that? Not to mention that if you have a brain, but are a bit on the heavy side, then you are eliminated from the first round, no matter how you look…there is no Mr. America or other such contest for the girls to treat the men in the same fashion, right? Equal rights, that something the feminist groups love to shout! Why nit get a Mr. Whatever contest for them?

I only know of one thing the women did that won the Miss Whatever pageant; they took photos with all the winners of the 50th annual Autorama (I won second in the model car building competition….) and aside from that, I do not know what the hell their “Miss Whatever duties” are. They don’t go to schools to reinforce positive values, they don’t help in the community, as far as I can tell, they win the crown and then don’t pose for porn shoots for a year….what social or economic value do these pageants serve? Donald Trump owns one of the Miss Whatever Parades, and I imagine he bought it for the advertising and licensing rights, as it doesn’t help his cause (whatever that may be), so I’m at a loss to explain why he, or anyone would buy that…

The children pageants are the worst. Who the hell had the idea to force kids into these things? They get forced into these things because of stage moms and dads that have no backbone. If my young daughter (who does not exist as if writing) tells me “daddy, I want to be in a pageant” I am going to buy Ger the biggest dollhouse that I can, and tell her to pretend. If you think that nothing happens to these kids…Google that Jean Benay kid…..sorry…but I believe that these pageant kids have only two options if try stay in these past the age of five. When I was a kid, as with my brother and sister, we had a competition to win free diapers, but mother chose not to enter us, as she didn’t want something later in life to be ruined by this, and I thank her. I believe that the so-called “pageant moms” are committing child abuse by forcing their kids to do these pageants. As I said before, no kid wants to be in them; they all want to poop, eat, and play with their Barbie dolls. Hell, your kid wants to be in a pageant, then let them play dress up. Its far safer than letting them be in the pageants.

If you have any comments, or want to share your thoughts on the issue, just drop a comment. Thanks


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