I have no faith in humanity

In annoyances on June 21, 2013 at 2:35 AM

For a while now, I’ve been playing witness to the decline of humanity. We see more and more videos of idiots on the internet, and the throngs of morons who think “hey, I can do that!” So naturally, they can do the same thing and upload it and become “internet famous” by the idiots who watch and share the video. I’m by no means perfect, but I grew out of my phase of doing stupid things when I hit adulthood, and the friends whom I had with me have forgotten it, so it’s OK and we didn’t have the internet then…..
Recently, there was a man who should’ve known better, but he bought one of those devices that lets you hear better, all the while looking like a Bluetooth headset. This Darwin Award winner (well he should’ve won) decided to take it out on his hunting excursion. The commercial shows a man doing it, so it must be true, right? This moron SHOOTS AN ANIMAL AND THEN SUES THE COMPANY FOR GOING DEAF! What the hell possessed him to take a small speaker, turn it up, and fire a loud rifle within the vicinity of it? Did you think that it wouldn’t be loud?
We have warning labels for everything. Some I can see, like choking hazards on kid toys. Others are asinine. Take for instance the warning labels in coffee cups. “WARNING! THIS PRODUCT MAY BE HOT! DRINK WITH CAUTION!” No shit, I ordered a hot cup of coffee…All because of one moron who burned his doodle…
A favourite of mine is the warning they put on car engines. “Do not touch spinning blades” well, duh! You’ll chop your fingers off! Hell, my razor came with a warning that the blades are sharp…as if I’m buying a razor because it’s dull…

A major pet peeve of mine is that they have to put a warning in commercials. I’m aware that the commercial is fake, and that Kia sliding down a rail isn’t real. Who the hell thinks that it is? Are you going to return the car because you can’t rail slide across town?
Warning labels on medication are the worst. Some side effects are even worse than the cure. “This sleep aid may cause you to be exposed to a higher risk of cancer. Consult your doctor.” I’ll take my sleepless nights thanks.

Just watch television for five hours, you’ll find dozens of warnings. Some for medications, some for the advertisements. What they need is some sort of intelligence test for these products. Do you drink a copious amour of alcohol? Have you, or someone you’ve know ever uttered the phrase “Hey y’all, watch this?” Nope, sorry. No product for you. We gave to screen people to buy booze, tobacco guns, homes. Why not these people.

Another annoyance is trying to buy glue for a plastic model car kit. Some dumb asshole liked to sniff it, and now they are more secure than Fort Knox! All I want to do is buy the damn tube, put my car together and show her off! They also screen you when you buy paint. In some states you can only buy one can in a give time. What if I’m painting my house and I run out? I can’t wait a month to finish it. I can’t have my chum buy another can, its entered into a database…wake up people…

Manners and civility are gone as well. Just recently I was walking around town; it was a beautiful day, so I didn’t take my headphones. A young man and his consort walk past me, and I, being friendly said “afternoon” to this bloke. He responded with a “Fuck you; get out of the way.” The Irish in me wanted to bust his skull, but the gentleman in me just let it go. I’m a friendly person, so when I see someone on the street, I can’t help but say hello, but some people just don’t deserve it, but think that they are entitled to service. At the library where my family works, one guy always has an attitude. He walks past the other people in line, demands his items (which are clearly marked on the shelf to the right of the circulation desk) and gets mad when he’s told to get them himself. I can understand if he was polite, waited in line, and asked for his items because he’s never been to that library, but he’s there every week; sometimes twice or more! He knows the rules. Hell, I still wait, even though my family works there, and aside from my tenure in Utah, I’ve been there since I was eleven. Geez! Personal style is another matter, but I’ll skip it, as the internet will explode if I go into it.

Just the other day while walking (with headphones this time) I noticed a Yaounde lady in distress. I asked her what was wrong, and was yelled at. You see, she had a flat tire, and I was in a position to help change it, but after being yelled at for my inquiry, I decided to let her suffer. I’m nit a vengeful man, but you shall receive no help from me if you reject it in a violent manner. Now, if she had said “My tire is flat, would you kind helping me change it? Please.” I would’ve rolled up KY sleeves and sent Ger on the way with a fresh tire…

I’ve been a pedestrian since my return to California, and I’ve noticed that drivers here feel entitled to the road. I know that 90% of them probably don’t have a license, but it says pedestrians have the right of way. When I was in Utah, I’d let other drivers in, stop for people walking across the street, stop at stop signs (even in the dead of night on an empty motorway). In California, however, no one’s coming? GUN IT! What the hell man? It takes a second if your life to hit the break pedal, and wont cost you your license or any jail time….

Well, folks, I think it’s time I ended this rant. Hopefully in the future, we can all band together and overcome our idiotic and disrespectful habits, and return a place where the words “yes, please”, “no, thank you”, and thank you ” aren’t viewed as things better left unsaid.

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