Dear young people…

In annoyances on June 28, 2013 at 3:23 AM

As I slowly advance in life, I’ve noticed things. I’ve noticed that young people are becoming dumber. We have warning labels on everything, we try to make the young smarter but we fail.

Take for instance, my experience in the shops the other day before work. I was running behind, so I grabbed two energy drinks, one for before work, one for after. The shopkeeper looked to me…in the eyes and told me “you tryna get a buzz, youngin?” I looked at him flabbergasted, as I was not prepaired for this. I asked him to repeat himself, and this time I managed “What the hell?” Apparently, you young people (the future, if you recall…) have taken to getting a ‘high’ from the elevated caffeine levels in energy drinks. What the hell is wrong with you?

The cinnamon challenge…wherein “contestants” try to eat an entire spoonful of the spice. I’ve no idea what the goal is here, but from the stories on the news…Darwin’s theory is correct. If you are going to do something stupid, please film it…it needs to be used as evidence that your parents failed.

I had to ship some things for a gal u work for that required dry ice… I wont go in to details here, but apparently you’ve got to be over 18 to purchase it, as the government deems you an adult then…the guy behind the counter went into a full explanation as to why you have to be an adult to purchase it. He was a man of over 40, so I assume that he knew better…..

Lets take a gander at “Big Tobacco” a moment. Well, not tobacco, really the idiots who think for us. They claim that flavoured cigarettes are attracting kids and TEENAGERS to smoke. Really? Teens should know better than to say “Oooh, pretty smells! I want to smoke!” They are flaming teens! I can see little kids, but nit teens going to smoke them because of the flavour. Fucking Jesus on his sister’s bike!

The idiot kids who race their car down the motorway. If you want to race your car, there are legal places where you can do that. Places where you cannot be arrested, nor can you harm anyone. Or you could just not be an asshole, and play the video games.

Please wake up America…and maybe the rest of the world as well…

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