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In annoyances on August 2, 2013 at 1:03 AM

What is up with commercials? I get that they are how stations pay their employees and pay for great programming like Family Ties, but most are annoying. What the heck is a “skin tag” and how does one get it? I’ve seen it a million times, and I still have no idea what one is.
The shapewear commercials are just as annoying. I like big women, ok, but these commercials with these good looking women that are cramming into clothes that are intentionally too small…it’s stupid. Be happy with yourself!
The sponge pillow thing where the trucker says “My back feels good, and my bottom feels good” is CREEPY AS FUDGE! That just sounds dirty, and eerie coming from that guy. Maybe it’s his delivery, or the director…?
I like the commercials that are selling products that I want, mainly because I want them… Commercials for TV shows are annoying, but I don’t watch them, so I cannot comment on them…the life insurance commercials that used to feature Alec Trebeck could get a pass if he grew that mustache again…all men need a stache…
The medication commercias are annoying because the side effects are worse than the cure! Take this pill…there is a chance, however slim that you will get cancer. Good news, no more fake pain…oh…sorry about the cancer thing…..fucktards! I know that one test subject out of thousands got cancer while on the medication, and rather than a long, dawn out legal battle, they included it in the symptoms…but come on!
Some commercials are not intentionally funny, but are. The Shamwow! commercials, for instance are hilarious because that Vince feller got beaten up by a prostitute…every time I see that dude, I end up laughing! And the Slapchop for the same reasons…
Billy Mays. Gone, but not forgotten. The OxyClean commercials while not exactly annoying, they still had some hilarity. “BILLY MAYS HERE!” was the sound of my childhood. I still believe that the US Mint should make a demoniation of bills that is $19.99, and call it the Billy Mays dollar. Because $20 is an outrageous price apparently….
All tampon commercials, all incotenence commercials, any commercial not featuring Nick Offerman, or his mustache…pretty much all of TV is annoying…

If you have any comments to add, feel free to leave them. Thanks for reading!

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