How to smoke a pipe

In pipe smoking on August 13, 2013 at 2:22 AM

As I strut about town, my pipe clenched firmly in my jaws, people have been asking me how to do it. I’m going to assume that you already have a pipe and if not, buy yourself a corn cob.

Now, I always keep my pipe near by, be it in a pocket, or my night table. Always near my tobacco and lighter. There are several methods as to how pack the tobak, but because I’m lazy, we will go over the most common.

The three pinch method, so named because you fill a bowl with only three pinches of tobacco. First, you grab one small pinch, pressing in with a small amount of pressure…like what you use with a newborn child, then you grab another, slightly bigger pinch, also packing it with a bit more force. They call this the “lady finger” finally, you use one last “man sized”pinch, and press it into the bowl.

You want your tobacco to be even with the top of the pipe bowl. Press down with your thumb before lighting it. Now on to lighting.

Some say that you shouldn’t use butane lighters, such as Bic because they leave your pipeweed tasting funny. It’s bull shit; leave the flame burning a few second to burn off any gasses. Spread the flame around with a clockwise motion, taking short puffs, and DO NOT INHALE! Draw the smoke into your mouth and out again; simple, no? Give the tobacco a tamp with any flat metal (never plastic) tool, and light again. Don’t get upset if the pipe goes out, as that is normal. Just relight. You will need that tamp often, so keep it near by. If you lose one, head to any cigar shop, as they all cater to pipe smokers and tell the fellow that you want a pipe tool. He’ll probably provide you with many options, but get the “three in one” as it will have all the needed options.

When you are done, just scoop out the little bit of burned, out unburned tobacco called “dottle” and put a pipe cleaner down the stem (mouthpiece) and let it touch the far end of the bowl. Depending on your smoking, you may need to leave it for 2-24 hours. If you can’t, then get more. There if no logical reason for a pipe smoker not to have at least 2 pipes on hand. I personally have 3.

You can store them in a fancy pipe rack out in an old egg carton, just remember they go bowl down, stem up, and always clean before and after each use! Many happy years to the fellow piper!

Keep calm and smoke a pipe


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