The return of the NFL, or, why I don’t care

In Sports on August 15, 2013 at 3:00 AM

Recently, the National Football League announced that bags, and seat cushions are no longer allowed in NFL stadiums. They also banned endzone celebrations because it “taunts” the other team…
Meanwhile, the NHL hasn’t banned, or changed anything related to the fans. When your favorite NFL star gets three touchdowns, you can’t throw your hat on to the field lest you be ejected. The NHL says it’s not ok, but if you want to celebrate Marion Gaborik getting a hat trick, throw your hat on the ice! The ice crew will just scoop it up and you can pick it up at the local sporting goods store tomorrow.

I get that the NFL is more, if not the most popular sport in the country, but if you keep banning simple things like a seat cushion, your fans are going to walk away. Also, changing the rules to make sure everyone has the same opportunities, does not teach kids to work hard and be rewarded; kids will start to complain and then their little league teams will change the rule to where a ball hit to second is a home run, because that is how far one player can hit. The NFL changes their rule book every season.some for the good, but mostly for the bad. For instance, if the home team likes a shinny ball, but the away team wants it dull, the home team’s equipment manager must rush our and wipe the the ball off before the play can progress…I’m so not kidding here! The NHL says “thou want a different puck? Though shit”.

I do like the rule in the NFL about helmet-to-helmet contact. However, I don’t like that they haven’t set up any concrete rules for helmet on helmet contact; they seem to pick and choose what is and what isn’t allowed. The NHL just says don’t hit a guy against the boards from behind (and pay Gary Bettman)

You see, dear readers, I hate that the NFL changes the rules and pays players this outrageous sum, and expects the fans to pay for a bag. I’m not joking when I say tell a woman she can’t bring her purse with her…if you’re still alive then you know what I’m talking about!


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