Review of a pipe

In pipe, pipe smoking, pipes on August 16, 2013 at 11:19 PM

I posted an entry on how to smoke a pipe, and now I am going to review the one I purchased this afternoon.

It’s a cob, and as anyone who knows me can tell you, I love them…well, I love what the Missouri Meercham company produces, anyhow. This pipe, while a decent smoke, it falls far short of the quality that MM strives for. My first clue that it was a knock-around was the fact that it has no name. Just a sticker that read “The Original Corn Cobb Pipe”, whereas MM brands theirs with the name.

This one feels like a Droid with a bad motivator made it. The shank enters at a slight angle; the tenon connecting the stem to shank is bent; the air hole is too small; the tobacco chamber is to narrow; and, as I type this,i just discovered a burnout… Needless to say, it’s in the bin. I’m just surprised that the bottom didn’t go out first…

MM sands theirs down smooth, this one had the feel of a raw cob, which doesn’t feel good in your hand. The entire (one) time I smoked it, I was fearful that I would get a sliver stuck I’m my hand…if you fear your pipe, then you can’t enjoy your pipe.

The smoke itself was fine…that is once I got it lit. The shank wasn’t birch, and had an air hole near the connection, which drew all the air out when you tried to puff.

It was priced the same as what MM charges for roughly the same (better) design, so I’m only out about 5 bucks. Not everything made in China is better. iPads, yes, pipes definitely not!

Dear readers, I caution you, only buy the real Missouri Meercham corn cob pipe!


The cob before I smoked it…


And after!


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