In exploration on September 13, 2013 at 1:01 AM

Today I got a tattoo. It’s a fairly decent piece, just under the top of my shoulder. I got it at a local tattoo shop, that I didn’t get permission to post their name, so I won’t..sorry.

I went out to get a new pipe, but after funding two that I wanted, I still had some cash. Wanting a tattoo for some time, I decided to see what the historic portion of my town held. I found one shop, but they wanted $280 which was out if my price range. I went a few doors down and found another shop. (Old Sac has a lit if tattoo shops for a so-called “historical” district… ) The shop was located downstairs which I guess is cool if you’re a screamer…  I talked to the guy about it for a while, and he decided the piece was two busy for the word that I wanted but he was all to happy to do the remaining work for $140 even.

Before you ask, I did some research on the subject long before I decided to plop down my money. I knee the risks involved and the chances if getting herpes or HIV, which according to the CDC, you have a higher chance if you go to the dentist that you do if you go get a tattoo. If you read my previous blog, you’ll recall my lack of regrets…..

I had to wait in their waiting area located just outside their private tattoo studios. The leather couch was nice but the television program could’ve been better…not a fan of watching a show about street racing… The wait was about a half an hour, and I did enjoy the leather couch and the friendliness of the workers there.

My tattoo artist, Benji talked me through everything that he was doing, considering that it was my first time…trade…he was gentile with me…considering the nature of his work… His tattoo office was decorated with the usual (I’m guessing) tattoo shop decor; drawings done by the artist, a few pictures of other tattoos, his PhD in tattooology (his words) and a certificate in bloodbourne pathogens.

I removed my shirt as it was in the way of my tattoo, and he set about applying the ink for the outline… It didn’t hurt in the sense that I wanted my mommy, but it was rather annoying to hear the buzzing of the rapid movement of the needle. He asked if I was OK several times, which I was, just bored. He had the hard part of tattooing me, whereas I had nothing to do but focus on the needle dropping the ink into me. He decided to put on “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and that took the time away pretty fast.

Near the end, however, when he was putting in the red and white, I was ready for him to stop; my arm was so stiff and sore, that I couldn’t stand it anymore! Finally, he said “OK buddy, all done.” I stood up and glanced at it in his mirror. It was fantastic! A beautiful piece. He talked me through all the aftercare and explained all of my questions so that a noob like me could understand how to have a great piece of art on my shoulder. For that, he has gained all of my business…supposing that I get anymore art done to just body….


                                             What do you think?

  1. Why did you choose a Confederate Flag themed US Map?

    I’ve never understood the positive association that southerners associate with that flag, because it represents such a horrible piece of inhumane behavior and such a horrid time in our country’s history.

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