Thank you for smoking

In smoking on September 23, 2013 at 2:13 AM

I just finished a cigarette, and while doing so, I got to thinking about all the money I spend on tobacco, and all the money that my family spends, and spent on it. I came to the conclusion that smokers, not just my family, but all the smokers in the country must make up at least 70-80% of the nation’s economy. Not just from smoking, but in health and life insurances and surgery.

Think about it, without smokers, a good portion of cancer specialists would be out of work, as smoking (allegedly) causes 80 per cent of all cancers in the world. When you figure all the taxes The government collects from tobacco farms, the gas, the supplies to plant, grow and harvest bacco, then factor in the taxes the workers pay, and the myriad of items the workers purchase, plus everything the consumer does to buy said cigarettes….. You stop to consider that a healthy (meaning non smoker) man pays on average about a dollar a unit of life insurance, and a non healthy (smoker) man pays on average five dollars a unit…that’s 4 extra bucks floating to the company, which the government gets in taxes.

Of course the government won’t tell you this, but THEY LOVE TAXES! Now, each state is different, but in Utah, a can of Grizzly Wintergreen was around 4.00 a can, where in California it is about $3.50 a can. That extra fifty cents? Taxes; taxes that (don’t) go to help pay for schools, or hospitals, or even build roads! I get that people pay taxes to drive, but there are more smokers in this country than there are drivers. Think about it, when’s the last time you found a used cigarette dealership?

Let’s look at the business aspect of it. When the bars in California banned smoking, many of them lost so much business that they had to close down. Vegas is the only place that I know of that allows you to smoke while you gamble away your winnings, but last time I looked they where trying to ban that…like casinos weren’t suffering enough in this economy. Not all business are suffering from no smoking laws, however; people still fly, and ride public transport and take Grayhound to various ports around the country. In most states, you can’t smoke within 25 feet of any publicly operating door or window, others it’s 50, but government buildings have 100 feet; Utah has it where you have to leave the property to smoke at a hospital! Incan see that, its a hospital with oxygen tanks being shuttled around by patients and EMT officials, but at the same time its beyond ridiculous! Do hospitals not understand that each puff brings me and you closer to them being able to afford that new Porsche and beach house? Dumb fucks…

In understand that no one, not even fellow smokers want, nor appreciate having smoke blown in their faces, and I’m OK with that, honestly. But what pisses me off, is that we are such a politically correct society that has to except everyone of a different race, religion, creed, sexual orientation, way of thought, gender, but heaven help you if you smoke! Whats really fucked up is that California wants to ban smoking in every aspect, all the while trying to legalize marijuana! Does pot smoke not get inhaled and exhaled, thus creating that evil demon known as second hand smoke? I personally know people who are deathly allergic to marijuana smoke, but if you smoke it, your just “expressing your self and your individuality” (this is a real quote, by the way) but if you smoke a cigarette or a cigar, then your labeled as a baby killer! The fuck?

If you rent an apartment, you can be denied because you smoke, if you smoke at work, your boss can fire you because of it, AND IT’S ALL LEGAL! Remember when if you where white, you where treated like a king, but if you where black, gay or Jewish you where treated like shit? Yeah…the anti smoker crowd reminds me a lot of the segregation crowd of the 1940s. I get that smoking is bad for you, but the country I live in is called America, and we used to have the freedom to fucking die anyway we chose! No one in the history of man has ever been forced to smoke.

Its the dumbasses that sue “Big Tobacco” (Phillip Morris, R.J. Reynolds) because their products gave them cancer that really piss me off. Did anyone hold a gun to your head and force you to smoke? No! Another problem is the anti smoking cunts who say flavored and colored cigarette packages and smokes “entice young teens”…is your teenager that fucking stupid? When I was 5 a bright colored package appealed to me, but as a teen, I was adjusted well enough to make my own decisions, and didn’t see a pretty color and say “oohhhh, pretty! Mommy buy me!” Shit! The best way to deter young smoking is for your parents to sit you down and discuss the matter. Mine did, and didn’t like the decision to smoke, but I’m grown, and can thus make my own damn decisions!

At some point, the government is supposed to put “graphic images” on cigarette packages. In Europe, they have one warning “SMOKING KILLS” on every bit of tobacco from cigarettes to pipe and cigars. In South America they have warnings that tobacco can make you impotent, and cause your nipples to fall off…neither of which, I’m sure they’ve proven, but hey, its the government… Personally, both my grandmother and uncle have died from lung cancer. I don’t blame tobacco, as they both grew up in a time that asbestos was used in everything, and hekth concerns where null at best.

Now, before you send me hate mail, I’m not, nor have I ever encouraged smoking. I’ve always said that if you do it, know the risks, and be legal in your place of residence. Hell, you have a higher risk of dying from auto accidents than you do from smoking, and no one has to have a license, nor sue car makers for dying! But what really chaps my hide is that alcohol producers such as Anheuser Busch and Coors Brewing Company can sponsor AUTOMOTIVE RACES but not tobacco companies? Who here knows someone who has smoked a cigarette, gotten behind the wheel and killed someone because they where inebriated? Exactly. Smoking is bad, but drinking (which causes more deaths and accidents per year than smoking could) is just legal and good? More young people watch NASCAR and MMA events that are “impressionable” than adults do. Hell, the NFL, which is the biggest sport league in america is sponsored by beer companies! Once again I ask, how is that fair? People who drink are more likely to beat someone to death over enough to get a bottle than smokers are…the fuck?

How many people go to rehab for booze dozens of times? I don’t know of anyone who has a smoking sponsor… The way I look at it, if you want to smoke, fine; just don’t be an ass about it. Thank you for reading.


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