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Horror stories

In Work on October 22, 2013 at 12:43 PM

We’ve all got at least one horror story from work. I’ve got dozens…

A few days ago, while working for my new company, I was guarding the front door of the public library. This older guy comes in and asks, “y’all got wifi?” I told him, that, if he brought a tablet, laptop or a phone, he could sir on ant of the 4 floors and hook up to it. He returned an hour later carrying an iMac. Not any of the items I told him. My partner stopped him at the door and told him “you can’t hook that up here”.
Naturally, he says I told him he could, so my partner calls me over, and I explain what i told him. iMac guy returns a while later with an iPad, and complains to me (because it was my shift to patrol the floors) that it won’t hook up. I told him to talk to our tech guys one floor up. He starts yelling at me because apparently its my job to be the tech and guard…it’s not. I proceeded to radio backup and we banged him for the day…..

Another horror story is that people think they can sleep on the 4th floor because it’s quiet. Nope. Just yesterday I woke two gentlemen up. The first time i was following the rules and gave them their warning, as i did for the second time. By the third time, however, I was pissed. It was just about closing time, and it was my shift to patrol the floors and close up. I walked over to them, grabbed a heavy book and.. BAM! Dropped it next to them. They shot up and I told them…”time to leave, folks. Told you twice already, no sleeping”. One fellow, Ann Asian guy, apologized for sleeping and left. The other fellow….well, he has a sic-month ban because he tried to fight me, and the other guard…

Of course, being that they are open to the public, we can’t turn people away just because; we have to show just cause. My lieutenant told me “I’m not in a mood to give you a lecture, so don’t fuck it up.” Nice language for my superior… I precede to go about my day, first was standing on a floor…it wasn’t bad because the pregnant lad was on this floor…anyhow…I’m watching this floor and for the most part it’s safe. The guy here tells me that a patron was banged from another library. The staff member closes his computer, and I’ve got to escort him out of the building, and extend his ban…yay, paperwork. Naturally, this ass comes back the next day, and i happen to be guarding the lobby. I stop him before he comes in and tell him “sir, you’ve been banned from all public libraries. I’ve got to ask you to leave.” This societal parasite yells “fucking rent-a-pig! I’ll kill you!” Never a good thing to shout to an already pissed off Irish kid, but i kept it professional. I radioed the lieutenant and told her to call the police…that never showed up…

It’s not all bad at work however. A good 99% of the time, it’s quiet, and all is well. We get the older crowd who just want to know where this out that is, and to the best of my ability,i help them out. One night, however….. This older guy asked “the fuck you let (racial slurs) in here for? This a no (racial slur) zone” i told him the library is public, and that just because someone is of a different color, I cannot make them leave. He promised to never return until the (racial slurs) are gone. I told my partner that and we both agreed that a ban order was in need.

On a lighter note, this little boy comes up to me and says “I’m a cop,I got a badge.” I proceeded to tell my partner “looks like we can go home now.” Too which we all laughed.

This is just a few of the horror stories that have cleared the legal hoops and i can share them. If you have any, please feel free to share them

Court shows

In TV Shows on October 12, 2013 at 4:38 AM

If you watch television anymore, you’ll notice that there are no small number of court shows. Every local channel has at least one. Growing up, there was only a few, “The People’s Court”(Wapner) and “Judge Judy”. That was twenty years ago…

Now, we have some outlandish ones such as ‚ÄĚPaternity Court”. “Judge Joe Brown” (promoting manhood while protecting womanhood) is a decent one to watch, of course I don’t watch any. We had one that didn’t last long, “Cross Examine”. The premise was small claims, but unlike every other court show, each attorney got the option to cross examine the litigants of the case. Think Law & Order meets small claims. Apparently, Mills Lane was a real judge and not just the boxing referee, as he had his own program for a while, too, that didn’t last an entire season.

Not all of the court show ideas are bad, however. Networks use them the same reasons they use other reality shows; they’d cost next to nothing to produce. They have an real court room, real judge, real people. Sponsorship from the companies pay the winner, not to mention the lower-tiered programs are all syndicated, so the networks only need order enough to fill a set number of days, and thus don’t have to order seasons upon seasons of a program.

They do, however, cheapen the legal process. Take one episode of Judge Judy, for instance. This lady wanted to sue her neighbor because his dog…ATE SOME FLOWERS and she thought the man should pay. Thankfully, Judge Judy was able to dismiss it and neither party got anything. Divorce Court was sort of OK, only because the original judge was nice. Naturally, there are as many, if not more more reasons to divorce that there are to get married. So, it only followed suit that someone would hire a divorce judge to preside over the cases. This, in league with all the others, cheapened the legal process. On more than one occasion, they had parties on the show who wanted all the money they spent on cleaning supplies while married…the judge couldn’t give it to them, of course…

I guess its not the programs that cheapen the legal process, but the people they have on them. The litigants sue for the most asinine incidents. As I mentioned above, Judge Judy dismissed the case regarding the dogs and then flowers. Judge Milian from the People’s court seems to have a great screening process, as she handles honest disputes. Disputes such as “I brought him my clothes to clean, and they ruined them” or one guy’s car was hit in a parking lot, and he sued. That I can deal with, whereas I cannot stand to see people abuse this system just because they feel wronged. You cannot sue because you think someone looked at you cross ways.

If there is a television producer out there, please stop with all the damn court shows! Do they decide to get these judges because they have lost work in their cities or states? Of course, the producers are to share some of the blame, as they have to think up ways to get some ratings so a national network will pick their show for a slot in their daytime lineup. I’m guessing the people who watch these programs are to blame, too. They watch them while the kids are at school, and can decide to change the channel, but they’ve just got to see that case that promises to be the best case in the history of history! when in fact, we know it won’t. Its just three people with nothing to do for a day…

Spare some change?

In Life on October 5, 2013 at 3:21 PM

As some of you may know, California voted to raise the minimum wage to ten dollars an hour over two years. Next year it goes up to nine, and in 2016 it becomes ten dollars an hour. That’s both good and bad when you think about it. Good, because its damn near impossible to live on $7.75 and hour, and bad because it may put a lot of businesses out of commission.

The good aspect of the wage hike is that like I said earlier, its damn near impossible to live on $7.75 or even $8.00 an hour. I grew up where mama and daddy both worked and we still didn’t have a lot of stuff. Dad made above the minimum wage, which at that time was $7.75 an hour, and mom made extra cash by babysitting and making crafts to sell to various neighbors. We made do, but it was hard. This wage hike isn’t new, as for as long as I can remember, they have been talking about raising, and our former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger passed a law that all federal employees must be paid the federal minimum wage, which I believe was 8.50 at the time. Now, mama wasn’t working at the state tax board anymore, but had found work someplace else, so she want happy about the late addition.

The bad side is, as I stated earlier, the “mom and pop” business may be forced to shut down, or fire employees. I mean, why pay that extra cost for personal service when there is a Walmart around every corner who has that same item for a few cents less? I get that most people like going into “Billy’s Neighborhood Store” and hearing a kind hello, and even get to know that cashier, or the stock boy, but let’s face it, its over for the little guy. I understand that most of the businesses can’t afford the extra two dollars an hour on top the rising cost of food, gas, and property taxes. It is good for the big business, as they can raise their prices and that cost gets passed on to you!

I was discussing this with an old friend of mine the other day, and his idea was to raise it for the big guy, but not the little corner shops. I then had to explain to him that its not minimum if you can get paid lower. If Walmart can pay you $10.00 and hour, but Target can pay 9.99 and hour and to stay in business, the corner convenient store can pay $8.00 and hour, its not minimum. Sure, I’d love to live in a land where small business (defined by the number of workers and the amount of money they generate) could pay their workers a decent (legal) wage, but that is not going to happen. For one, we can longer put business out of business by practicing capitalism, but that’s another blog all together…

See, the wage hike doesn’t hurt the employee who makes the new amount in her pay bucket, no it puts a squeeze on the little guy who, probably can not afford it and will have to close up.

The beauty that is

In Life on October 4, 2013 at 4:41 AM

As anyone who knows me will tell you, I think that California is a dump. No longer is it “The Golden State” but rather a shit brown hue has settled in. However, there is one shining nugget of gold, and that is Downtown Sacramento.

Before today, I’ve lived in California all but two years of my life, and I’ve never noticed it before. This shrinking beacon of a bygone era. I have been to the Downtown Plaza many a time in my day, and never cared for a large portion of its contents. However today I had an appointment for a haircut and it was in a part of town that is reserved for the young, so naturally I hated the area. After getting my ears lowered, I decided lunch was in order and figured I’d walk a few blocks up to the Plaza and grab a bit of food. Then I noticed it.

The beauty that I am referring to is the pure beauty of the architecture of Downtown Sacramento. From the Art Deco building on one street to the Masonic Temple on the other, this strip of beauty is the only saving grace of this town, aside from Historic Old Sac which houses modern beauty within the original historic buildings.

I walked around like a tourist just in awe of the beauty. The buildings could tell the stories of the pride the original designers took in erecting them just by looking at them. In fact the rear entrance to the Plaza is buttressed by an original 1900’s building with flourishes that no modern worker nor machine could ever duplicate, and it shows. At one point there was a hotel named “The Saint George Hotel of Sacramento”, but the usual idiots in charge decided to tear it down, only to feel remorse for it, so they decided to erect a granite monument proclaiming where it once stood. It was before the historical society could save it, sadly… Granted the area is flecked with liquor store after liquor store, but they’ve been there so long, that they, too have some beauty in them.

The entire “Kay District” which is just the shops on K Street, is historical. Be it the old hotels that used to house the government officials, or the old stores that once sold everything the settlers would ever need from cattle feed to sewing thread. The Sacramento River used to run right through where the area that my barber shop sits, and it shows. The original homes where three stories because the river would flood and you lived on the second and third stories during the winter. You can always tell the original homes from new by this fact. They pushed the river back to accommodate the new people coming in to seek their fortunes…and ruined the look of the area in my opinion…

The area isn’t without its detractors, however. They, naturally have modern buildings in the area, and while not exactly pleasing to the historical look, they do serve a purpose. They have modern living spaces like the “J. St. Lofts” which provide a fantastic view of the area, while costing upwards of ten grand a month rent…I love the neighborhood, but not the price. They new convention center is there farther on J, and it sort of sticks out like a sore thumb in amongst the classic buildings like the Memorial Auditorium. Not to mention that the Sacramento Government want to put a new sports arena there……..

The Memorial Auditorium has classic beauty in its facade, even after a fire ravaged it. They managed to match most of the original work to the building that wasn’t destroyed by the blaze, and it looks great. Old Sac is beautiful with its pioneer-made buildings and original wood walkways set up from the cobblestone streets and horse carriages, that, for a nominal fee, will carry you from one end of the area to the other, and even stop at the stores you wish to visit. I recall running through the tunnel that literally links new with old as a child. Mama and daddy holding hands and enjoying the area while I ran down and hooked the staircase that marked the end. The first time I saw Old Sac, I was in awe. The original cobblestone street is still in tact, the limited automobile traffic…its just as it was in the pioneer days, with the exception of the new modern businesses that inhabit the shops now. Every year they house the Pioneer Days festival there, and, in keeping the original theme, they don’t allow any modern automobiles down their roads.

The area is also home to various museums also. Places like the California State Military Museum, the State Railroad Museum, The Discovery Museum, among others. All beautiful. Well…..the Railroad Museum is the best, I mean, come on…trains! Even the new stores preserve the original beauty and look by housing in the basements. Of course, they may just be the tattoo parlors, but its still nice to day a walk through there in the cool of the fall or early spring and hear the clatter of your boots walking around the wood floors.

If you are a tourist and considering a visit to the Golden State, I urge you to make Old Sac and Downtown a must-see on your list, you won’t be dissapointed.

Fighting at ball games

In Baseball on October 4, 2013 at 12:06 AM

I’m sure that by now, you’ve heard about the fighting that breaks out at ball games between two people supporting rival teams. They say that person A is a fan of the wrong team and they fight person B because of it. It’s bullshit. Rivalry means shit to the players. Just go through the roster for any pro sports league, and you’ll see that at least one player has played for his rival team.

I’m a Minnesota Vikings fan, and I hear all the time about them being the shittiest team in the league, and I just brush it off because its a sports league. Hell, the Vikings had Brett Favre for two years, and us Minnesota fans didn’t care…until he ruined our chances at getting to the Super Bowl……the Green Bay stores had sales on his clothes and even went so far as to sell “Thanks for the memories, Brent” jerseys and signs that proclaimed him “Brent Favor”. Its just a man playing a game for corn’s sake!

Recently, a man was stabbed outside of a Giants and Dodgers game because of the rivalry. No, I believe that he was stabbed because of booze in his system and people’s inability to separate the sport from real life. (Note, these are my sole opinions and I’m free to express them). Even worse is the man, who, a couple of years ago who was beaten and left with brain damage from a Giants game a few years ago, or any Oakland Raiders fan who thinks his team is the best, so he goes on a beer fueled rage and meets another beer fueled man who thinks his team is the best…instead of blaming the rivalry that (doesn’t) exist between teams, how about we blame the idiots and their poor choices?

Think about it, when’s the last time a Red Sox fan and a Yankees fan beat the hell out of each other? Or a Minnesota Golden Gopher fan beat a Wisconsin Badgers fan? Or a Laker fan beat a Celtic fan? The players only care about getting a paycheck from playing their game, and not about what the other team is. I mean if that was the case, then their would be no trades in sports…OK, people get pretty pissed when a Red Sox player leaves for the Yankees, but they don’t kill any Yankees fan over it! Her the Chicago White Sox don’t beat the fans not the Cubs, do they? No, the fans make fun of each other, call up the “Black Sox” era, and the Cubs’ fan who grabbed the foul ball and ruined their chances at the World Series. Like a good rival!

I’m sure there exists some form of hatred for Packer fans in Minnesota and vise versa, but I’ve never heard of the rivalry exploding and causing injury or death to the fans. Maybe its because Minnesota fans are polite, or its too damn cold for them to fight in the snow? Who knows? I do, however know that if people just didn’t care about the game so damn much, and just reveled in the fact that they get to watch a pro sports game, then the world would be a much better place. I mean, its as if they are gangs fighting for territory somewhere. It’s a game, people! Do you see golfers fighting over Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson? Damn! Just take a moment to reflect on the fact that you have your opinion and they have theirs.

Childhood obesity?

In annoyances on October 1, 2013 at 5:29 PM

As I finish this burger from McDonald’s, I was thinking about everything we have in life and wondering if the fast food industry is really to blame for us and our kids being fat. Of course, I came to the conclusion that, no, they aren’t.

You see, places like McDonalds, Burger King and the like aren’t to blame for us being fat. We are. We, as people have made our lives so convienent that the idea of us being to blame for anything is just too outlandish. No one says we have to eat out, but its easier than going through the hassle of fixing a meal, so we go out and grab that meal. It’s not the food’s fault, as eating a burger you make yourself can still clog the arteries and make you pack on the pounds. I, myself am nearing 200 pounds, and I’m happy and fat. Of course, I grew up in a home where cooking a meal was a daily routine and eating out was a once in a while treat, but then again, I’m an old man…

Even now, dear readers, you probably sit at a computer, or stare at a handheld device to read and other blogs, while wolfing down your eight McDouble in as many seconds, wash it down a 1,000 letre cola. Did Ronald come to your house with a Mc.45 and say get in the McVan? No. You went willingly to the fast food chain of your choice, plunked your money down and ordered the McHeart Attack, no? As I said earlier, you and I, and just about everyone else in this nation have become lazy because of lack of knowledge on how to cook, probably passed down generations and the ability to say “I’ll have a Big Mac” instead of going to the grocery store and saying “I’ll have your freshest ingredients, sir”. It’s easy to blame the big corporations, but remember, you chose to go there.

Just yesterday, someone sued McDonalds saying they created an addiction to their food because it tastes so good. You know what else tastes good? A home cooked meal! You can buy the ingredients and make just about every meal from almost any menu in this country, but why bother when a number 4 with cheese is so easily accessible? I, personally wish our legal system was more like England’s in the sense that their judges toss out the frivolous lawsuits such as “McDonalds made me fat”. Here, you sue them, and they settle with you for millions…what the hey?

Are kids aren’t fat because of McDonalds. Our kids are fat because their parents don’t know how to cook a decent meal, and are too damn afraid to tell their fat kids “no, fatty!” so they develop diabetes early, and get fat because that is all they know. Mama never cooked, so why should I learn? Oh, damn lost an arm to diabetes, better sue McDonalds! Its a crying shame because no one has accountability anymore. You eat fast foods everyday for twenty years, and yeah, your health decreases. The same thing happens if you drink beer for twenty plus years, and no one sues Budweiser.

The fact that we have accountability as people is why we sue for every damn thing. I can see taking legal action if the soda machine explodes, or if a sigh falls off and kills or injure someone, but to sue because your coffee is hot and burns your junk? Hey, dumbass, ITS HOT COFFEE! The hell you think was going to happen? Because of these idiots, we have to put warning signs on everything. I can see warnings of dangerous things for kids, but “CAUTION: CONTENTS MAY BE HOT! HANDLE WITH CARE!” on a cup of coffee is just fucking dumb. Given enough time, I’m sure these morons will get a warning that floats above the planet to warn us that pollution is bad…

See, my nephew loves McDonalds fries, but he’s active and burns off the energy of the fries. His mama doesn’t say, “damn..no money for McDonalds…guess we starve” she cooks a damn good meal for her and her family. If more people could do that, we’d be a skinny nation again. Computers aren’t bad, but sitting there doing nothing but surfing FaceSpace or YouBook all damn day is. Just get up, walk around and enjoy the outside, its not going to kill you…after you read my blogs, that is!

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