Childhood obesity?

In annoyances on October 1, 2013 at 5:29 PM

As I finish this burger from McDonald’s, I was thinking about everything we have in life and wondering if the fast food industry is really to blame for us and our kids being fat. Of course, I came to the conclusion that, no, they aren’t.

You see, places like McDonalds, Burger King and the like aren’t to blame for us being fat. We are. We, as people have made our lives so convienent that the idea of us being to blame for anything is just too outlandish. No one says we have to eat out, but its easier than going through the hassle of fixing a meal, so we go out and grab that meal. It’s not the food’s fault, as eating a burger you make yourself can still clog the arteries and make you pack on the pounds. I, myself am nearing 200 pounds, and I’m happy and fat. Of course, I grew up in a home where cooking a meal was a daily routine and eating out was a once in a while treat, but then again, I’m an old man…

Even now, dear readers, you probably sit at a computer, or stare at a handheld device to read and other blogs, while wolfing down your eight McDouble in as many seconds, wash it down a 1,000 letre cola. Did Ronald come to your house with a Mc.45 and say get in the McVan? No. You went willingly to the fast food chain of your choice, plunked your money down and ordered the McHeart Attack, no? As I said earlier, you and I, and just about everyone else in this nation have become lazy because of lack of knowledge on how to cook, probably passed down generations and the ability to say “I’ll have a Big Mac” instead of going to the grocery store and saying “I’ll have your freshest ingredients, sir”. It’s easy to blame the big corporations, but remember, you chose to go there.

Just yesterday, someone sued McDonalds saying they created an addiction to their food because it tastes so good. You know what else tastes good? A home cooked meal! You can buy the ingredients and make just about every meal from almost any menu in this country, but why bother when a number 4 with cheese is so easily accessible? I, personally wish our legal system was more like England’s in the sense that their judges toss out the frivolous lawsuits such as “McDonalds made me fat”. Here, you sue them, and they settle with you for millions…what the hey?

Are kids aren’t fat because of McDonalds. Our kids are fat because their parents don’t know how to cook a decent meal, and are too damn afraid to tell their fat kids “no, fatty!” so they develop diabetes early, and get fat because that is all they know. Mama never cooked, so why should I learn? Oh, damn lost an arm to diabetes, better sue McDonalds! Its a crying shame because no one has accountability anymore. You eat fast foods everyday for twenty years, and yeah, your health decreases. The same thing happens if you drink beer for twenty plus years, and no one sues Budweiser.

The fact that we have accountability as people is why we sue for every damn thing. I can see taking legal action if the soda machine explodes, or if a sigh falls off and kills or injure someone, but to sue because your coffee is hot and burns your junk? Hey, dumbass, ITS HOT COFFEE! The hell you think was going to happen? Because of these idiots, we have to put warning signs on everything. I can see warnings of dangerous things for kids, but “CAUTION: CONTENTS MAY BE HOT! HANDLE WITH CARE!” on a cup of coffee is just fucking dumb. Given enough time, I’m sure these morons will get a warning that floats above the planet to warn us that pollution is bad…

See, my nephew loves McDonalds fries, but he’s active and burns off the energy of the fries. His mama doesn’t say, “damn..no money for McDonalds…guess we starve” she cooks a damn good meal for her and her family. If more people could do that, we’d be a skinny nation again. Computers aren’t bad, but sitting there doing nothing but surfing FaceSpace or YouBook all damn day is. Just get up, walk around and enjoy the outside, its not going to kill you…after you read my blogs, that is!

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