Fighting at ball games

In Baseball on October 4, 2013 at 12:06 AM

I’m sure that by now, you’ve heard about the fighting that breaks out at ball games between two people supporting rival teams. They say that person A is a fan of the wrong team and they fight person B because of it. It’s bullshit. Rivalry means shit to the players. Just go through the roster for any pro sports league, and you’ll see that at least one player has played for his rival team.

I’m a Minnesota Vikings fan, and I hear all the time about them being the shittiest team in the league, and I just brush it off because its a sports league. Hell, the Vikings had Brett Favre for two years, and us Minnesota fans didn’t care…until he ruined our chances at getting to the Super Bowl……the Green Bay stores had sales on his clothes and even went so far as to sell “Thanks for the memories, Brent” jerseys and signs that proclaimed him “Brent Favor”. Its just a man playing a game for corn’s sake!

Recently, a man was stabbed outside of a Giants and Dodgers game because of the rivalry. No, I believe that he was stabbed because of booze in his system and people’s inability to separate the sport from real life. (Note, these are my sole opinions and I’m free to express them). Even worse is the man, who, a couple of years ago who was beaten and left with brain damage from a Giants game a few years ago, or any Oakland Raiders fan who thinks his team is the best, so he goes on a beer fueled rage and meets another beer fueled man who thinks his team is the best…instead of blaming the rivalry that (doesn’t) exist between teams, how about we blame the idiots and their poor choices?

Think about it, when’s the last time a Red Sox fan and a Yankees fan beat the hell out of each other? Or a Minnesota Golden Gopher fan beat a Wisconsin Badgers fan? Or a Laker fan beat a Celtic fan? The players only care about getting a paycheck from playing their game, and not about what the other team is. I mean if that was the case, then their would be no trades in sports…OK, people get pretty pissed when a Red Sox player leaves for the Yankees, but they don’t kill any Yankees fan over it! Her the Chicago White Sox don’t beat the fans not the Cubs, do they? No, the fans make fun of each other, call up the “Black Sox” era, and the Cubs’ fan who grabbed the foul ball and ruined their chances at the World Series. Like a good rival!

I’m sure there exists some form of hatred for Packer fans in Minnesota and vise versa, but I’ve never heard of the rivalry exploding and causing injury or death to the fans. Maybe its because Minnesota fans are polite, or its too damn cold for them to fight in the snow? Who knows? I do, however know that if people just didn’t care about the game so damn much, and just reveled in the fact that they get to watch a pro sports game, then the world would be a much better place. I mean, its as if they are gangs fighting for territory somewhere. It’s a game, people! Do you see golfers fighting over Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson? Damn! Just take a moment to reflect on the fact that you have your opinion and they have theirs.

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