Court shows

In TV Shows on October 12, 2013 at 4:38 AM

If you watch television anymore, you’ll notice that there are no small number of court shows. Every local channel has at least one. Growing up, there was only a few, “The People’s Court”(Wapner) and “Judge Judy”. That was twenty years ago…

Now, we have some outlandish ones such as ”Paternity Court”. “Judge Joe Brown” (promoting manhood while protecting womanhood) is a decent one to watch, of course I don’t watch any. We had one that didn’t last long, “Cross Examine”. The premise was small claims, but unlike every other court show, each attorney got the option to cross examine the litigants of the case. Think Law & Order meets small claims. Apparently, Mills Lane was a real judge and not just the boxing referee, as he had his own program for a while, too, that didn’t last an entire season.

Not all of the court show ideas are bad, however. Networks use them the same reasons they use other reality shows; they’d cost next to nothing to produce. They have an real court room, real judge, real people. Sponsorship from the companies pay the winner, not to mention the lower-tiered programs are all syndicated, so the networks only need order enough to fill a set number of days, and thus don’t have to order seasons upon seasons of a program.

They do, however, cheapen the legal process. Take one episode of Judge Judy, for instance. This lady wanted to sue her neighbor because his dog…ATE SOME FLOWERS and she thought the man should pay. Thankfully, Judge Judy was able to dismiss it and neither party got anything. Divorce Court was sort of OK, only because the original judge was nice. Naturally, there are as many, if not more more reasons to divorce that there are to get married. So, it only followed suit that someone would hire a divorce judge to preside over the cases. This, in league with all the others, cheapened the legal process. On more than one occasion, they had parties on the show who wanted all the money they spent on cleaning supplies while married…the judge couldn’t give it to them, of course…

I guess its not the programs that cheapen the legal process, but the people they have on them. The litigants sue for the most asinine incidents. As I mentioned above, Judge Judy dismissed the case regarding the dogs and then flowers. Judge Milian from the People’s court seems to have a great screening process, as she handles honest disputes. Disputes such as “I brought him my clothes to clean, and they ruined them” or one guy’s car was hit in a parking lot, and he sued. That I can deal with, whereas I cannot stand to see people abuse this system just because they feel wronged. You cannot sue because you think someone looked at you cross ways.

If there is a television producer out there, please stop with all the damn court shows! Do they decide to get these judges because they have lost work in their cities or states? Of course, the producers are to share some of the blame, as they have to think up ways to get some ratings so a national network will pick their show for a slot in their daytime lineup. I’m guessing the people who watch these programs are to blame, too. They watch them while the kids are at school, and can decide to change the channel, but they’ve just got to see that case that promises to be the best case in the history of history! when in fact, we know it won’t. Its just three people with nothing to do for a day…


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