Horror stories

In Work on October 22, 2013 at 12:43 PM

We’ve all got at least one horror story from work. I’ve got dozens…

A few days ago, while working for my new company, I was guarding the front door of the public library. This older guy comes in and asks, “y’all got wifi?” I told him, that, if he brought a tablet, laptop or a phone, he could sir on ant of the 4 floors and hook up to it. He returned an hour later carrying an iMac. Not any of the items I told him. My partner stopped him at the door and told him “you can’t hook that up here”.
Naturally, he says I told him he could, so my partner calls me over, and I explain what i told him. iMac guy returns a while later with an iPad, and complains to me (because it was my shift to patrol the floors) that it won’t hook up. I told him to talk to our tech guys one floor up. He starts yelling at me because apparently its my job to be the tech and guard…it’s not. I proceeded to radio backup and we banged him for the day…..

Another horror story is that people think they can sleep on the 4th floor because it’s quiet. Nope. Just yesterday I woke two gentlemen up. The first time i was following the rules and gave them their warning, as i did for the second time. By the third time, however, I was pissed. It was just about closing time, and it was my shift to patrol the floors and close up. I walked over to them, grabbed a heavy book and.. BAM! Dropped it next to them. They shot up and I told them…”time to leave, folks. Told you twice already, no sleeping”. One fellow, Ann Asian guy, apologized for sleeping and left. The other fellow….well, he has a sic-month ban because he tried to fight me, and the other guard…

Of course, being that they are open to the public, we can’t turn people away just because; we have to show just cause. My lieutenant told me “I’m not in a mood to give you a lecture, so don’t fuck it up.” Nice language for my superior… I precede to go about my day, first was standing on a floor…it wasn’t bad because the pregnant lad was on this floor…anyhow…I’m watching this floor and for the most part it’s safe. The guy here tells me that a patron was banged from another library. The staff member closes his computer, and I’ve got to escort him out of the building, and extend his ban…yay, paperwork. Naturally, this ass comes back the next day, and i happen to be guarding the lobby. I stop him before he comes in and tell him “sir, you’ve been banned from all public libraries. I’ve got to ask you to leave.” This societal parasite yells “fucking rent-a-pig! I’ll kill you!” Never a good thing to shout to an already pissed off Irish kid, but i kept it professional. I radioed the lieutenant and told her to call the police…that never showed up…

It’s not all bad at work however. A good 99% of the time, it’s quiet, and all is well. We get the older crowd who just want to know where this out that is, and to the best of my ability,i help them out. One night, however….. This older guy asked “the fuck you let (racial slurs) in here for? This a no (racial slur) zone” i told him the library is public, and that just because someone is of a different color, I cannot make them leave. He promised to never return until the (racial slurs) are gone. I told my partner that and we both agreed that a ban order was in need.

On a lighter note, this little boy comes up to me and says “I’m a cop,I got a badge.” I proceeded to tell my partner “looks like we can go home now.” Too which we all laughed.

This is just a few of the horror stories that have cleared the legal hoops and i can share them. If you have any, please feel free to share them

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