Get a job

In Work on November 16, 2013 at 3:48 AM

As a recently employed man, I’m entitled to complain about a few things. Things like the parasites who suckle on my taxpaying teat, and no, I’m not not going to complain about the government…well, I’ll try not to… I mean the wastes of flesh who tell the eagle “I need that government money for my baby”. Bullshit, your kids don’t eat because you’re coke habit is more important!

Recently, I read an actual newspaper where they said jobless claims are down here in California, and I got to thinking ‘where’? Everyday on my way to work, I pass no less than eight or nine of these disgusting assholes who demand I give them money for food. By food, of course, I mean booze. I tell them all to get a job, and buy your own damn food, not because I’m a callous meiser, but because even at noon, they smell like a brewery! And, because I work in a public setting, I’m forbidden from locking the doors and telling them to fuck off…

I am, however, all to happy to give them the information of my company, and (in vain) try to get them to get employment. See, I’m not a heartless old codger, you see, I just prefer to have them get their own employment and make something of themselves, rather than, say, beg on the streets for the scraps of society. I grew up without a lot of money, so I know the value of a dollar, not to mention that my dad instilled in me a sold work ethic of get up, go to work, support yourself and your family, something that, sadly, is all lost on today’s youth.

I know that its not daisy to find “good” work, as one such feller put it. However, that’s bullshit. There are jobs to be had, but your lazy ass doesn’t want to get it because that means putting down the PlayStation and getting off your ass for a few hours each day. Something I never thought I’d ever say to someone is “You can’t stat at the top and work your way down”. All of the youths want to be a CEO out of high school nowadays, but that isn’t going to happen! You start at the very bottom of your shit tree and scrape up more, then work your way up!

I mean, the illegal immigrants, for instance. Do you think they decide to come over here because farm work is easy? Fuck no! They come here because its the greatest land on this globe, and they take these farm jobs because…are you ready? THEY HAVE FAMILIES TO SUPPORT! We wouldn’t have people complaining “They took are jobs!” if we (you) weren’t so damn lazy and stupid, we’d have those farm jobs, the menial labour jobs, the landscaping gigs, but no, we want to have the good, cushy jobs! Well, tough shit, you fucking crying crybaby!

When I came home from Utah, I took three jobs as a handyman, or a help around the house guy. Did I want to do them, no. Did I take them gladly? Fuck yeah! Why? Bills piled up, and my family needed to eat, and I’m far to proud to eat government money all damn day! So don’t tell me, there’s no jobs, when everyday I see kids mowing lawns to help out, or, just to have their own money! There aren’t jobs you want simply because your a disgusting lowlife sucm-fucker who refuses to get a job and pay to support your kids, because you’re too damn stupid to wear a condom in the first place.

So, in closing, if you’re worried about the Mexicans taking the good jobs, go to college (if you want), and…..GET A JOB! Every time we collect a welfare check, an illegal gets a paycheck.


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