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Happy New Year?

In Holidays on December 26, 2013 at 4:47 AM

As we all know, one week after the biggest holiday of the year comes another holiday. My question is why do we celebrate it?

I’m talking, of course of New Years. Its a stupid holiday, simply because nothing changes. We will still have our massive debts, our shitty jobs, our horrible cars; the only thing that actually changes is the callendar. If we celebrated every time that happened, we’d have a party every day. If our debt was wiped away, then maybe I could see celebrating, but it doesn’t.

When I was a kid, it was a treat to stay up and watch the celebrations on tv, have some cider and ring in the new year, now however, it’s asinine. The only people who celebrate are the people who where told that they would die the previous year. If you survived cancer, celebrate, otherwise, its an excuse that drunkards have to imbibe.

My siblings plan on going out that day. Face the drunks on new years if you wish. I, however will stay safely in my home watching television and reading

Christmas memories

In Childhood on December 21, 2013 at 2:50 PM

Ah, December! The year comes to a close, and everyone’s favorite time of the year is uponus, that’s right Christmas is around the corner!

My favorite Christmas memories have always been that of my childhood spent going to my great grandmother’s house. See, her birthday was also on Christmas and one year, she wanted this certain color of yarn; that’s all she wanted. So, my family, not wanting to disappoint her, got her one…well… She sat in her chair on the Christmas morn, opened a few gifts and finally, one of my uncles says “Wait, mama, there’s one more.” He walks to another room and returns carrying a massive box. We thought it was another chair, do to its size. He sets it down in front of her and she slowly opens it, not realizing my uncle had started filming it. “Only one skein, for such a big box!” She says. My uncle told her to keep digging……when she finished, she had over…three…hundred……skeins of that stuff, much to our amusement!

Of course, being kids we had to see what we got from Santa. One year in particular, we sneaked from our room, my siblings and I, and went creeping down the dark hallway. The only light coming from the lighted tree in the living room. We snuck quietly down that dark hallway, for my parents room was the other end, closest to the tree. We saw no signs of life, so we went farther down the hall. Suddenly, as we neared the goal line, we heard “GET BACK TO BED, YOU THREE!” As I typed that, I remembered three trails of urine leading from the end of the hall to the two bedrooms. We weren’t done; we waited a while, felling that surely dad had to be asleep. We opened the door slower this time. Peeked around the corner, didn’t see anybody, so we ran out and bam! Hit my dad full in the stomach! We couldn’t get the words out, but our legs worked well enough to run back inside our rooms…for now… Again, we tried. We figured it was close enough to time to open our gifts, so surely dad wouldn’t stop us. Keep in mind that mama was sleeping through her kid’s adventure… We figured we’d go out at about 5 am, make coffee and get breakfast ready. My brother, being about 10 at this point, was the one in charge, so we followed him. We walk out calmly, not sneaking. Dad met us at the entrance to the hall and asked “Where are you three going?” My brother, being the oldest says “We where going to make you coffee and get some breakfast ready for you and mom.”
My dad looked at us and asks, “It takes three of you to make coffee?” “Um…and breakfast” my brother added.
Finally, after hours of trying, we had access to the tree! We went and actually made coffee, followed by some breakfast. We didn’t see the 5’10” man behind us, and my brother says, “Go look at your presents, dad’s not up.” We laugh, and turn to make for the tree and
“GET AWAY FROM THAT TREE!” We heard from the dark hallway. Again, we where foiled…

Of course, there where lean times as well. On more than one occasion, we didn’t have a single store bought gift. Mama felt terrible that her babies had to “make do” with a knitted scarf and a beanie, but you know what? We loved it! Hell, I still use the scarf to this day, and its been well over a decade since it was made for me. My mama, she made them for us, and we all loved that idea. Hell, I even made her a fireplace from a friend’s refrigerator box to hang the stockings from. Sadly, my aunt’s cats decided to see if she could win in a fight with it, so its since been tossed on the ash heap of history, but mama loved it, and that’s what matters.

So, you see kids, Christmas isn’t about the latest iPhone, or the newest toys. Its about the memories you make, the time you spend with your family. Sadly, my great grandmother, and father are no longer with us, but we will carry their memories and the memories we made with them for ever. Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to share your own memories. Until next time, Merry Christmas, and happy New Year!

Unpaid review of the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit

In Reviews on December 10, 2013 at 2:48 PM

It’s time to review. I recently got a new phone and thought I’d give it a review. The phone in question is the new Samsung Galaxy Exhibit from Metro PCS. If you’re unfamiliar with it, it’s the same phone that T-Mobile had with the same name, minus the 4G in the title.

Right, I bought the phone to replace the old ZTE Score X500M from the same carrier. The old phone was good, but I wanted something new simply because I can afford it now that I’m working. In a bit of generosity, I kindly gave my old Score to my sister who bought a phone made of complete rubbish.

  The phone was a scant $144 upfront, cheaper if I got a new number, but I didn’t want the hassle of calling into work to change it. It has 4G, whereas my other one was a scant 3G. The front home screens can be changed around, and even deleted, which I did solely to save space in the tiny internal storage drive. A front facing camera is nice for taking photos, and sharing them to your various internet accounts. The rear facing 5 Mega pixel camera with flash is nice for taking a dark, or even better,a high definition shot! The display is something like 480×800 HD so, it’s great for watching videos on the go.

Storage is tiny, but with the aid of a home computer, I’m sure you could transfer files to the SD card. The display is bright, crisp and clean, whereas my old phone was a ruddy potato in comparison. The sound is nice and loud; no need to run and hook up speakers every time you want to watch a cat video on the pre-installed YouTube app. Boring the internet it’s fast and easy thanks to Google Chrome(again, pre-installed). Call quality is pretty clear, even while walking home from a days work.

Would I recommend it to others? Yes. Would I buy it again? Depends on how long I’ve had it when the needs arise. Others that compare? Probably. Google it. Best phone I’ve ever used? Just beats the original Huawei Pinnacle. Easy to lug around in a pocket? Yes, it’s barely higher than the hand that holds it. Easy to use? Yes, I’m using the WordPress app to post this now. Able to change the display font? I currently have the Old English pack I downloaded -root fee!

So there you have it,a great phone for next to nothing

Ecomentalists are stupid

In annoyances on December 5, 2013 at 11:31 PM

As I sit here writing this at the Starbucks, I’m bombarded with car after car, all those stupid hybrids! I thought that I’d take the time to enlighten you and the owners themselves as to why they are stupid cars.

I live in California, which is the most liberal, hippie state in the union, and I see hybrids with stickers reading “Save the planet, drive electric” and I laugh at their stupidity. Firstly, hybrids cause more damage to the environment than a petrol engine simply because the nickel is mined in Canada, shipped to China to be refined, and shipped to Japan to be turned into a battery and stuffed into a car BEFORE its shipped (on an ocean bound freighter, no less) to America, where, inevitably, it gets shipped (again, more pollution) to Canada and Mexico, not to mention the ports of the west coast have to ship it via land to Kansas which puts more pollution into the air! So, how, exactly is that safe for the planet over, say, a Hummer’s carbon output? Answer is, it’s not! You’re stupid, and deserve to be shot into the sun.

Then we get into the safety factor. The Smart Car, you know that thing that looks like that Little Tykes car we all had growing up, is always getting the worst crash test safety ratings from Consumer Reports for front end collision due to the fact that they have NO PROTECTION FROM THE ENGINE SMASHING INTO YOUR LEGS AND CHEST! A Hummer, or even a Chevy Malibu you’d stand a better chance of walking away. Then there’s the fact that the Smart Car looks stupid, has a tiny little petrol tank that only holds enough fuel for a short trip to the shops and no boot. The Smart Roadster’s gearbox takes an eternity to shift over; its as if it has to think…am I a pencil…no…am I a piece of celery…no…Oh, that’s it, I’m a gearbox!

The Toyota Prius is also the stupidest thing to ever come from Japan. Let’s have an electric motor to power the wheels! Fucking stupid. Hybrid drivers are all smug pieces of shit who deserve to be shot into the sun, as do the people who think they are cool. The aren’t, and you are a moron. There should be a law that allows the hybrids to be smashed into the walls, NASCAR style. I’ve yet to see a hybrid that is good enough to own (Ford Fusion, anyone).

And there’s the all electric models like the Nissan Leaf or Chevy Bolt. Here’s an idea, we shouldn’t have cars that have to be charged into a lead just so we can make it to work. I blame this asinine idea for Detroit’s bankruptcy. Maybe design and build a car for an individual market. California, Oregon, and Washington get the dumb fucking ideas like the electric cars and hybrids, whereas the rest of the world gets the V8, V10, V12, and even the V16 engines that we want! I don’t care what discounts the idiots may receive, I want a gas-guzzler that gets me to point Z while having to fill up at every point along the way. What’s wrong with that?

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