Unpaid review of the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit

In Reviews on December 10, 2013 at 2:48 PM

It’s time to review. I recently got a new phone and thought I’d give it a review. The phone in question is the new Samsung Galaxy Exhibit from Metro PCS. If you’re unfamiliar with it, it’s the same phone that T-Mobile had with the same name, minus the 4G in the title.

Right, I bought the phone to replace the old ZTE Score X500M from the same carrier. The old phone was good, but I wanted something new simply because I can afford it now that I’m working. In a bit of generosity, I kindly gave my old Score to my sister who bought a phone made of complete rubbish.

  The phone was a scant $144 upfront, cheaper if I got a new number, but I didn’t want the hassle of calling into work to change it. It has 4G, whereas my other one was a scant 3G. The front home screens can be changed around, and even deleted, which I did solely to save space in the tiny internal storage drive. A front facing camera is nice for taking photos, and sharing them to your various internet accounts. The rear facing 5 Mega pixel camera with flash is nice for taking a dark, or even better,a high definition shot! The display is something like 480×800 HD so, it’s great for watching videos on the go.

Storage is tiny, but with the aid of a home computer, I’m sure you could transfer files to the SD card. The display is bright, crisp and clean, whereas my old phone was a ruddy potato in comparison. The sound is nice and loud; no need to run and hook up speakers every time you want to watch a cat video on the pre-installed YouTube app. Boring the internet it’s fast and easy thanks to Google Chrome(again, pre-installed). Call quality is pretty clear, even while walking home from a days work.

Would I recommend it to others? Yes. Would I buy it again? Depends on how long I’ve had it when the needs arise. Others that compare? Probably. Google it. Best phone I’ve ever used? Just beats the original Huawei Pinnacle. Easy to lug around in a pocket? Yes, it’s barely higher than the hand that holds it. Easy to use? Yes, I’m using the WordPress app to post this now. Able to change the display font? I currently have the Old English pack I downloaded -root fee!

So there you have it,a great phone for next to nothing


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