Christmas memories

In Childhood on December 21, 2013 at 2:50 PM

Ah, December! The year comes to a close, and everyone’s favorite time of the year is uponus, that’s right Christmas is around the corner!

My favorite Christmas memories have always been that of my childhood spent going to my great grandmother’s house. See, her birthday was also on Christmas and one year, she wanted this certain color of yarn; that’s all she wanted. So, my family, not wanting to disappoint her, got her one…well… She sat in her chair on the Christmas morn, opened a few gifts and finally, one of my uncles says “Wait, mama, there’s one more.” He walks to another room and returns carrying a massive box. We thought it was another chair, do to its size. He sets it down in front of her and she slowly opens it, not realizing my uncle had started filming it. “Only one skein, for such a big box!” She says. My uncle told her to keep digging……when she finished, she had over…three…hundred……skeins of that stuff, much to our amusement!

Of course, being kids we had to see what we got from Santa. One year in particular, we sneaked from our room, my siblings and I, and went creeping down the dark hallway. The only light coming from the lighted tree in the living room. We snuck quietly down that dark hallway, for my parents room was the other end, closest to the tree. We saw no signs of life, so we went farther down the hall. Suddenly, as we neared the goal line, we heard “GET BACK TO BED, YOU THREE!” As I typed that, I remembered three trails of urine leading from the end of the hall to the two bedrooms. We weren’t done; we waited a while, felling that surely dad had to be asleep. We opened the door slower this time. Peeked around the corner, didn’t see anybody, so we ran out and bam! Hit my dad full in the stomach! We couldn’t get the words out, but our legs worked well enough to run back inside our rooms…for now… Again, we tried. We figured it was close enough to time to open our gifts, so surely dad wouldn’t stop us. Keep in mind that mama was sleeping through her kid’s adventure… We figured we’d go out at about 5 am, make coffee and get breakfast ready. My brother, being about 10 at this point, was the one in charge, so we followed him. We walk out calmly, not sneaking. Dad met us at the entrance to the hall and asked “Where are you three going?” My brother, being the oldest says “We where going to make you coffee and get some breakfast ready for you and mom.”
My dad looked at us and asks, “It takes three of you to make coffee?” “Um…and breakfast” my brother added.
Finally, after hours of trying, we had access to the tree! We went and actually made coffee, followed by some breakfast. We didn’t see the 5’10” man behind us, and my brother says, “Go look at your presents, dad’s not up.” We laugh, and turn to make for the tree and
“GET AWAY FROM THAT TREE!” We heard from the dark hallway. Again, we where foiled…

Of course, there where lean times as well. On more than one occasion, we didn’t have a single store bought gift. Mama felt terrible that her babies had to “make do” with a knitted scarf and a beanie, but you know what? We loved it! Hell, I still use the scarf to this day, and its been well over a decade since it was made for me. My mama, she made them for us, and we all loved that idea. Hell, I even made her a fireplace from a friend’s refrigerator box to hang the stockings from. Sadly, my aunt’s cats decided to see if she could win in a fight with it, so its since been tossed on the ash heap of history, but mama loved it, and that’s what matters.

So, you see kids, Christmas isn’t about the latest iPhone, or the newest toys. Its about the memories you make, the time you spend with your family. Sadly, my great grandmother, and father are no longer with us, but we will carry their memories and the memories we made with them for ever. Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to share your own memories. Until next time, Merry Christmas, and happy New Year!

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