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My favorite time of year

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Sorry for the long sabbatical but my favorite time of the year is here and I couldn’t be happier!
For years,  I have loved the fall season;  maybe it’s because the changing of the seasons usually brings on the Christmas cheeryness in us,  or maybe I was just meant to be a happy person at least once a Year? I couldn’t tell you how many Thanksgiving dinners we had as a kid, where mama had spent the morning cooking that big O’ honkin turkey,  all the fixins and the family gathered,  in peace for a few hours. Thatmay be why this time of year — October-February — holds a special place in my heart.
I love the weather because for some reason,  I can not get enough the falling leaves with their changing colors, and the fond memories I have as kid when I used to rake the leaves of the neighbors around my house; the hot cocoa that always seemed to meteralize out of thin air between Halloween and Christmas; maybe it is the fact, that in my mind,  I live in a Norman Rockwell painting,  and still look for the good of people,  and trust those same individuals with the honor system,  despite every shred of evidence to the contrary. Right now even, I’m lying in bed, still in my jammies and having a mug of hot cocoa, despite it being close to five in the Evening!

I will,  hover give equal space to the things that I hate about this time of year,  too. For starter’s, I absolutely despise every god damned Christmas commercial that I see the first of November, totally bypassing the Thanksgiving, the only damn holiday in the month. Why? When did we stop caring about the holiday that was supposed to bring us all together, and start caring more about a fat man who commits a felony and leaves you presents, all the while stealing your Food! Also, wouldn’t Santa get a sugar high and a milk sleep while Flying?
Another thing I hate about the “Holiday Season” is the damned Christmas music! The old songs about Santa and the Snowman are OK, simply because they aren’t about anything other than the aforementioned fat ass and snowball. The radio stations here play nothing but Christmas music all day and night; not all, but some. And it is still annoying. The new Christmas songs that they play are fucking awful! I love Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack, but not even Ol Blue Eyes can make me like the damn Songs!
Christmas sweaters. I don’t fell the need to explain why I hate them with the fury of a millions pissed off Vikings bring the rapture, but I want to. For starters, why are they so damned Ugly? Did the secret Society of Sweaters have a meeting and discuss That? I get why they are Christmas themed (duh), and it annoys me because they are always so damned awful; not just in design, color, theme, and print, but because they are so fucking Itchy! My mama can knit like nobody’s business, but there ain’t no dang way I’m gonna ask her to knit me One!
Having to say “Happy Holidays” instead of Merry Christmas. If you recall the post I left some time ago about religion, then you remember that I don’t believe in God, but it doesn’t mean I don’t like Christmas! I don’t celebrate the birth of Christ, but I do celebrate getting together with the family and mama passing out the presents that the aforementioned fatty “Left” the night before. Even if you want to display the Nativity Scene in your front yard, be my guest. I might not share your beliefs, but I support your right to believe it.

I think that as a kid,  the best part of the year was seeing my neighbors Christmas lights and their display grow as the years passed. They had a talking Santa that I absolutely loved to walk passed, just to hear it say “Hello, there, little one.” As a five year old waling with my mama to the store, that was the beans! I never got the chance to meet the folks behind the festivities, and, sadly, someone smashed that Santa display and absolutely killed the spirit for them; things just weren’t the same after that. I can’t fault them for having their hearts ripped out and then never decorating again. I don’t think that the couple ever recovered from it; i know that I haven’t seen the neighborhood darker in my life.It’s as if every light down that street suddenly went out at once; the people, even the people that I grew up with, the same people that mama trusted to care for me,  stopped smiling. The once friendly street had turned ugly. Homes whose blinds had never been closed, now never opened. Christmases where less holly-jolly and more Bah Humbug after that night.
Even with that, however I still love to see the lights being displayed, just not in the middle of September. When I walk into a store, I don’t wanna see half the damn store decked out with Santa and his reindeer when it’s still a hundred seven Outside! One of the best memories I have as a kid is of grandma loading me and the rest of the family up in her pickup truck and driving us all to the ritzy neighborhoods who had decorated their houses with lights and synced them with a computer to control them with the beat of music. The most that we ever had as a kid was one small string on the outside of a small bathroom window.
We had our tree, of course. Mama can’t have pine, but we begged mama for a real tree, and one year she got us one. It was a happy memory for those of us who could see and weren’t in hell because of allergies, so every year after that,  we have always had a fake tree; mama would set it up around the middle of December and we would decorate it with the ornaments and tinsel and we always had either an angel or star on top. My siblings where taller than me and so their decorations spanned more than the bottom eight of the tree. “Look,  Mike,” my sister would say, “you gotta hang them higher; spread them out.”

Sadly, this time of year also brings about a few sad memories for me as well. My great grandma was born on Christmas day and I loved her, and every year, we wound all pile into her tiny little one bedroom apartment and celebrate a second, or even third Christmas with her. Adding to the sorrow of the year is the fact that my dad is gone, too. I lost count of all the times when he’d come home tired from work, lean on the doorjamb and say “Ah, hell, Again?” when he saw the tree in the window and the lights being plugged in. I’d have to hit myself if I didn’t mention the time that we tried sneaking out the room and into the living room to see our presents under the tree, only to be foiled by my dad saying “GET TO BED!” Sadly, I will neer him say that again…

Either way, I still love this time of year simply because it is great time of year to be alive. The wonderment and the excitement that I felt as a child is still there, and I have to thank my nephew for that; I get excited watching him get excited at the presents that are under the tree.
Good Night and happy Thanksgiving, it is November, after all!

Here we stay?

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As I pen this, the city council of Sacramento is holding a “vote” to give the Sacramento Kings a new arena in Downtown. I say “vote” because anyone in this town knows that the local government will give them the new arena.

I have a few complaints about the new arena, simply because A) the team is horrible, and has been for several years. When Rick Addleman was the head coach, they actually managed to get to the playoffs; they lost to the Lakers every time, but they managed to get there. The second complaint is that the team may be able to afford the new arena, but the city can’t. The city can’t even afford to pay police officers and firefighters, but we have two billion dollars to give to the team for an arena that will be “old” in ten years?

The mayor of Sacramento, (a former basketball player and Kings member, I’d like to add) has devoted his entire mayoral reign to getting the new arena. The libraries are under funded, as are the area’s schools; hospitals can’t afford to take care of patients, but we can afford a new arena…
If the team where any good, OK, fine, give them a new arena. But the mayor decided not to try and keep Campbell’s Soup, or the Coca-Cola bottling plant here, but he fought hard and raised the money and called every big name in his Rolodex to keep the team. Right, way to be a mayor for the people.

The plan to put the arena in Downtown is flawed because the area they want to put the arena, the site of the now former Westfield’s Downtown Plaza (it’s being torn down to make room for the arena) doesn’t have the room. The Light rail there is a major transit hub for the city, a city that according to politicians, is too polluted and the same city politicians want us to take the public transit to get around town. They had plans to move it, but they realized…it would cost to much…more than two BILLION DOLLARS I guess…so they decided to incorporate that into the plans of the arena. That was changed; now it will be left alone and they will build into the available businesses there. They tried to claim emenate domain on the Macy’s there, but that failed, so they decided to build around it. Some time ago, the State Historical Society got a government code to force an easy access tunnel to Old Sac, and they have to leave that alone, so they had to change plans again.
The reason they are putting the arena where it is, is because the major sports teams in the big cities have them in their city’s downtown. The reason being that the other city’s downtown’s are bigger. Seriously, take a walk in downtown LA; try to go from one side to the other in one day. It cannot be done. Here, on the other hand, one could walk from one end to the other in a matter of hours.
Traffic is another problem there. It is already congested, and adding tour buses and limos is not going to ease that problem. The site that should have been chosen is the former air base McCellen. That site already has the infrastructure like parking, sewage, electricity and the like. The Downtown Plaza site does not. If you have ever driven a car down there, you will know. They have two bathrooms, one for each gender, and the arena is going to need at least sixty to seventy to accommodate the amount of people who are filling up on beer, soda, water, nachos and the like. Of course, in order to demolish an old airbase, you would need Presidential, or at least federal government’s approval, and that takes too long.
Not to be left out, is the fact that every, and I do mean EVERY downtown business there has supported the new arena, apparently forgetting that the city will raise taxes and rent on those same businesses who are loyal supporters because they will have anew arena, which, hypothetically, will increase foot traffic…
When the mayor and his political goons chose that site, they held  press conference and said that the new arena will bring back and revitalize the downtown area. People stopped going there because traffic and parking is a nightmare, partly due to the fact that people can’t walk two feet without being hit up for money because there is a bar on every other street. Traffic will become even more hellish when the arena is built. First will be the construction crews there followed by the team. People have been going to the Downtown Plaza – a lot of them. When they went there with their goons and saw no one is beyond me. Every time I have been down there, there has always been a tone of shoppers and people using the shortcut to Old Sac.

I am predicting that within the first year of that arena being built, someone will have tagged the signs, and the homeless population will skyrocket with the influx of people there. The arena, will, in all honesty, increase revenue for the city; it will. However, with the team being so bad at playing basketball, I doubt that after the first season, we will see a sellout crowd. I’m only giving the team the first year because the city will, as it has thus far, cling to it’s team., but after they keep losing games because they get terrible players, and only one or two nationally televized games (they had one last year…one single nationally televized game) then, the fans will see that maybe spending two billion dollars on an arena (not to mention that the investors and owners are worth far more than that, and they could have paid for this and kept all revenue) and some hundreds of millions of dollars to buy the team, may not have been a good idea…but I doubt it.

Who knows, maybe sometime in the future, they will finally see that the Kings are not worth the trouble and they will let them go to another city. I hear that Seattle wants a new team…

Horror movies

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As a kid, I loved horror movies; I’d just eat em up, now, however, they seem to be tame. As I type this, i’m currently saddened by the fact that there are no good horror movies. I don’t mean the gory, bloody, slasher flicks like Friday the 13th, or A Nightmare on Elm Street. I mean a good, scary movie. Be it the Vincent Price and Alfred Hitchcock style of psychological scare, or even a creepy villain. The reason that Jason and Freddy are popular is because they where scary; maybe not to an adult, but they where to the teenaged girls who clung to their date’s arms in horror as they slashed their way through countless victims.

When I was a lad, we had SNICK’s “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” and, for a child of five, it was terrifying, yet, at the same time, Fox ran Tales from the Crypt on Saturday nights, another show that I watched and, oddly enough, wasn’t scared. Hell, i wanted the Crypt Keeper as a friend, for corn sake! Now, it seems that all the good ideas have been done so much that no one in Hollywood can produce anything original. Every movie that I have seen has the same elements: A hapless blond with giant tits who runs TOWARD danger, a stoner who can’t do anything but die, and an improbable location. Take, for instance, the Friday the 13th films. Every year, a bunch of teenagers (dumb ones, I should point out) go up to Camp Crystal Lake, have sex and smoke pot. Jason pops up around the first quarter of the film and…kills them. Granted, he does it in some pretty outrageous ways, like the pruning shears through this dude’s eyes right after he has sex with some hapless broad with giant tits. However, I did like the scene where a hapless couple is in a sleeping bag and he scoops them up and proceeds to bash them about in the sleeping bag, the way one might do if they are trying to kill a rodent. That was funny! In A Nightmare on Elm Street, naturally, Freddy can only kill you if you sleep, and of course you’ve got to sleep at some point, so…yeah. I do like the inventive ways he did you in. It’s been a while, but I seem to recall him putting his finger claw through the ear of a deaf kid because that was his fear, which, while terrible, was cool to see….

I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out the fact that Hollywood can’t seem to produce an original movie so they remake everything in sight. They did it with the Freddy and Jason movies. See, they can’t come up with a new killer, so they remake the two arguably most iconic killers in cinema history, and recreated them. In the remake of the Jason slasher flicks, they didn’t change much, aside from the killer. See, in the original FT13, Jason’s mother is the killer, and we don’t see him until the very end, but he was but a lad. In the new one, we see him as the killer. Yawn.
The remake of the Freddy films, I have yet to see, but have been noticing that there is no plans to continue the series yet.
Another point I’d like to make is if the movie is successful the first time, they tend to make sequel after sequel, thus tainting the story. See, the first Hellraiser was great. Then, the producers n Hollywood decided to make a sequel, and then it ended up being an eight film shitfest. Halloween was great…the first one, anyhow. After that, they never acted like they tried. Granted, Jamie Lee Curtis was typecast in horror flicks because of her scream, so James Cameron decided he had to make a sequel. It did great numbers, then the third installment came out and almost killed the franchise. Flash forward to the Rob Zombie film; they gave Michael Meyers a back story as to why he was a deranged killer. That movie, I actually liked; hell, I overpaid to see in the cinema!

When I first saw The Ring, it was a damn good horror movie! It was originally a Japanese film entitled “Ringu”. I enjoyed it immensely; made me feel like a child watching the horror movies for the first time. And, naturally, the Japanese made a sequel, and it was popular, so too, did the Americans did it also. In this one, the mom, played by the very beautiful Naomi Watts moves with her boy to a small town (in Seattle, if memory serves) and finds work as a news reporter. She discovers a death and is reporting on the crime scene when she decides to open to body bag…only to find the twisted face of a man who has met Samara (the girl from the video) and discovers that her work from the first movie was not complete. The second one wasn’t as good as the first, as is usually the case, but I liked it. Often times, there will crop up rumors of the film having a third and (probably not) final installment, since that is how it was in Japan. I am still currently waiting for that to happen, and would actually like to see it.
There has even been a “clone” of sorts with the genre. In the film “One Missed Call” (haven’t seen it, just trying to remember the trailer I saw) you get a call and then you die somehow? I guess the writers saw The Ring and jumped to the good parts?
The reason why The Ring was successful was because it was actually a scary film. The girl coming out of the TV, and killing you? That is the element that modern horror movies need; that scare factor. Nowadays, its all “Big slow guy with a weapon (usually a chainsaw) and a dumb broad meeting…” The chainsaw thing started with Leatherface and the original “Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Sadly, that movie suffered both fates; having sequels made and becoming a comedy film, and then being remade for the younger folks…Don’t think it’s a comedy? Watch The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 with the late Dennis Hopper…”I am the lord of the harvest” was the funniest line ever in cinema, and then they proceeded to follow up that gem with another series of sequels. One starred the Sawyer family in a chili cook-off; the father was disqualified when it was found out that his recipe had bones in it…somehow Leatherface gets a metal leg…one starred Rene Zellewager (or however you pronounce it) and Matthew McConehey (again, can’t spell it). The original film worked because it hadn’t been done before. The remakes where shit, but because they where made from my favorite horror movie, I had to see them. Again, they trashed it. Again, they gave too much story to the damn movie; who the hell watches a horror movie and thinks ‘Gee, this movie needs an origin story for this killer”!? I will say this about the movie, however: It was nice to see R. Lee Ermy in something other than a Drill Instructor. Aside from that, it was shit.

Now, as a man in his mid twenties, I have to point out that I still like a good scare. Recently, I discovered an internet phenomenon called “Creepypasta” . Now, when i say that I discovered it recently, I mean that i actually spent some time looking up these things. I was familiar with BEN Drowned and Jeff the Killer, but never actually bothered to read up on them. They’d creep up on the internet here and there, and I looked at the photos and wondered “What the fuck is wrong with Link?” I must admit that I read them at night and sometimes, they creep into the back of my mind. Sometimes, I’d hear a noise and jokingly wonder if it’s Jeff, or one of the other Creepypasta fellows, however one that grabbed me and didn’t let go was a story entitled “The Russian Sleep Experiment”. I won’t ruin for anyone who has yet to discover the story, but it did make me think twice about the government and the sleep studies I read about. Another that got me was the one sometimes called “Drip Drip Drip”. That one did give me a scare, solely because mama has a small dog…

In the world of Creepypasta, it’s not all scares, however. Some, like the “Lost Episodes” sets, are just plain weak. The story entitled “Squidward’s Suicide”, “Dead Bart”, “Mickey’s Suicide (or Suicide mouse)” are just asinine. In Dead Bart, it is supposed to be a haunted (aren’t they all) episode that Matt Groening created sometime in the first season, but it never aired and was destroyed, yet somehow a copy exists online. It is supposed to be booby-trapped with a virus but you can still burn the file to a disk (?) and watch it somehow. In the “lost episode” it had a scene where, at the episode’s climax, you could see all the guest stars (at this point in the series, they had none) from the future, and they all died on the same day. Now, that presents an issue for me. 1, how did Matt know who would be famous, or how did he know the show would be popular? 2, how did they all die on the same day? Did he plan some new reunion episode for the show? Total bullshit. The “haunted” video game series o Creepypasta, stories like BEN Drowned, Lost Silver (from Pokemon fame) are total shit, simply because if there is a problem with the game, like, for instance a glitch that allegedly makes the game haunted, why wouldn’t you just shut it off? In the Pokemon game, you are supposed to fight Red from the first series of Pokemon games. Eventually, you lose your arms and legs, and become a ghost…..right. There is another about Lavender Town, but at the time I’m posting this, I have yet to read it, or care enough about it to bother. But from what I read, it is supposed to make the player commit suicide. Again, I stress that I have not read it, so if I’m wrong, who cares, but if the suicide thing is true, it must be very slow, given that I’ve played, beaten, and replayed those games since I was ten, and have yet to commit suicide…
Jeff the Killer. While the photo is creepy, if you read, or watch the stories on YouTube, and apply the simple thing of logic, you will simply see that it is shit. See, in the story, he was bullied, and, according to the story on the official Creepypasta website, he was set on fire and “became a walking inferno” when he is doused with bleach and vodka. Now, this is where it gets to be fun. See, bleach is not flammable, and it would dilute the vodka. Now, lets pretend that he was set on fire. If he was, his clothes (the white hoodie and black slacks) would have burned and adhered to his skin. Supposing he survived that, his vocal chords would have been toasted and he couldn’t utter his trademark “Go to sleep”. Now there’s the matter of his smile. If he cut his mouth to have a smile like that of The Joker, he wouldn’t be able to talk at all without the sheer pain that comes with tearing your muscles. Why he cut his eyelids off is beyond me, something about him wanting to see his face all the time, was it? Then we get to his recovery…it was WAY to fast for a person who had his entire body burned…not to mention, his hair would have gone from a brown color to non-existent, as hair is the first thing to go ….
There is still the matter of my favorite Creepypasta, Laughing Jack. Now, admittedly, I am not a fan of clowns; not scared of them, just not a fan. I did, however enjoy this story, even if it has a few plot holes. Like, for instance, how he became “Laughing Jack”. What happened to him to make him a deranged clown who kills children?
Smile.dog, Smile.jpg or Smile Dog is another one that I like, warts and all. In it, there is supposed to be a “cursed” file of a demonic dog who is smiling (with a hand in the photo that has never been explained) and if you don’t “Spread the word” you will be haunted by his image every time you close your eyes until you do. In the story, a man wants to talk to a lady about it, but she has a change of heart and tells him to leave, only to email him some time later and share her story and the “cursed” file with him. He has a quandary; can he share the file with others and “Spread the word” as per the request? Yes, yes he can.
Getting back to Jeff the Killer for a moment. According to the internet, the photo is real, not real in the since that it is of a real killer, but of a photoshopped girl who was bullied, hid in her closet to kill herself. The photo was posted, mocked and photoshopped to become that of the meme of Jeff the Killer. I do not know if her committing suicide is true, but, it is the internet, after all.

Here’s hoping that Hollywood can make a decent movie again.

How I banged your mom until she died…

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Ok, I loved How I Met Your Mother when I first saw it, and even in the last groaning years, I was there; I toughed it out. But tonight’s finale was shit! I was most upset at the fact that they spent the entire season building up to the wedding of Barney and Robin, only to undo it before the fist half was done. What the fuck? Not to mention that they sorta used the Mother, now known as Tracy, as a sort of placeholder because they had to. They skipped to the big moments in their life, that, thanks to Robin’s job, she missed. She missed the birth of Barney’s child (to an unknown woman, by the way) She missed Marshal becoming a judge; missed the funeral (as we all did, by the way) of the mother.
I was ok with the mother dying, as I figured that it would happen since we all saw the Visuvius episode wherein Tracy said “No mother would voluntriairly miss her daughter’s wedding”; I figured that they would kill her off, but would have liked to see some more of her, and not just in snippets. They shot the ending in season 1 because the kids would have grown up by then, something else I am ok with. What I’m not ok with is that the ended it with Robin and Ted getting together…again…
OK, If they had just ended it with “Kids, that is how I met your mother” and not “This entire story has been about you loving Robin” and him asking permission to date her, it would have been ok. If they had said who Barney got knocked up and not name her “Number 31”, that would have been ok, too. No, they pissed on the fans who had been there for the entire run. We sat through Duck Tie, the Slap Bet, Stella,Victoria, James Van Der Beek, John Lithgow as Barney’s dad (When I saw him, I had just finished his run in Dexter and was expecting him to hide his secret) We sat through Barney not knowing that his mother was behind everything he did as child; we didn’t question his brother being Wayne Brady; we didn’t question why Lily never got any comeuppance for anything she did, nor did we question who was the third child to be born of Lilypad and Marshmallow… We waited patiently as we found out who was the mother…

That’s another thing. They introduced the mother late because CBS ordered one more season that what was planned, and she became as much a part of us as Ted, Barney and the rest. If they had waited until the very end, or at least the wedding to introduce the mother, and not give her time to find her way into our hearts, it would have been fine. Then we get to the ending montage.
The mother gets sick and THERE WAS NOTHING ABOUT HER FUNERAL NOR WHAT SHE CONTRACTED (though people have tossed about the idea of her getting cancer, which sorta makes sense) They skipped to the worst ending in tv history, and yes, I’m including Dexter and Lost in here. They knew that the ending was coming from day one, and had no plans to turn from the iceberg that we saw coming. they knew that Robin and Ted would get together from day one, scene one, take one, page one, line one, word one! FUCK YOU!

Why couldn’t they make Barney and Robin happy together? They instead made Robin happy by giving her the out she wanted; if you remember correctly, she said she never wanted to get married, and the entire season was just a build up to it. We sat through Marshal in a car for half a season and we get rewarded with this? What bullshit! It would have been fine if they said, okk, look, people are going to be pissed off if we give them the entire Robin and Ted shit all over again. But, no, it was, as I said earlier a long, drawn out, love story about how Ted NEVER GOT OVER ROBIN! Am I to believe that she was sad, alone and destitute until she magically saw Ted at her window? If he never stopped pining over her, then am I to believe that the marriage between Ted and Tracy was a sham because he wished he was with Robin? It’s completely wrong that they did this to us. We got tired of the “Will they, wont they?” aspect of it around the season featuring Duck Tie. We thought he was finally over her when he “Let go” of her on the beach, but no. It was a massive FUCK YOU GUYS to the fans.

I would not be complaining if they had decided that, instead of having Marshal in the car for half a season and the mother meeting all the cast before the wedding, had her in a few episodes towards the end. (Her funeral, for instance…) As I said earlier, the episode entitled “Visuvius” did kinda planthe way for the ending, but none of us wanted it. We wanted to know that the mother was around for a long time, or at least until the ending and then wonder if she died, not a two second clip in a montage that ended with Ted and Robin getting together…again… I get that some relationships take forever to get going on the right track, and that people die, and the world keeps on spinning. My complaint is that they undid all the character development that happened over three years!

We saw Barney grow into a gentleman that we can respect – undid in the fist half of the episode. Robin looked like she had come round and felt that, maybe, just maybe she could settle down and have a good life. The development of Ted finally being happy with someone (NOT ROBIN) was undone with the final scene and that damn French horn! I get that he waited for years after his wife died, but to date Robin again? NO! It was nice that Marshal finally got his wish of being a judge and that he was going to run for State Supreme Court, even if we have no idea what the fuck happened in Rome, aside from the birth of Daisy.

However, it was not a complete shock, the ending. We saw Robin seeing Ted in the  old, played out Halloween costume and Robin saying “…the man I should have ended up with…” before leaving. I saw the ending coming a mile away, and wanted to throw my phone at the television, but I can’t afford a new phone right now, so I smoked instead.

I get that a few people liked the ending with the love story finally coming to an end and Robin and Ted ending up together. When I predicted the ending in the story “Duck Tie” I knew that it would be bad; not just for me, but for the series as a whole, especially if they continued with it. They did, and now, if I’m honest, I doubt much that I will watch the reruns anytime soon, as the memory is still tainted with the abortion that is the finale. If you where happy that Ted and Robin got back together, ok, fine. If not, come round my house and lets share a beer as comiserate.

I will not be watching the spin-off “How I Met Your Dad’ because of this, no matter what questions they answer about what happened in the final episode. CBS and Bays and Thomas have fucked me over for the last time!    

We are not alone, are we?

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The universe; vast infinite, ever expanding. Over the years, I hae come t believe many things, one of which being that we humans aren’t alone in the universe.

It is pretty egocentric to think that we are alone, that we are THE sole beings of any inellegence in the universe. With science finding new evidence and new planets that could possibly hold life floating around the black matter…you’d have to be crazy to think otherwise.

Sure, maybe we are alone, maybe we aren’t. I believe, as I stated above, that we are not the sole intellegent beings in this universe; we’e proven long ago  that we are the only life in ouur solar system, but maybe the other beings live on the other end of the infinite universe and have yet to make it here, just as we have only discovered and probed roughly .00000000000001 percent of it. Maybe the events of Star Wars are real, and are, and have happened. Just because we haven’t seen them does not mean that they do not exist.

Do I believe that aliens life forms have visited us in the past? Yes, and no. Yes, because we have cave paintings, drawings, carvings, all depicting something similar to our modern flying machines such as ships, aeroplanes, and even the TARDIS has appeared in one. No, I don’t believe that the aliens are little gray or green men that have large heads and spindly arms and legs. If aliens ever visited us, landed on the lawn of the White House, they wouldn’t look like us. Not unless their evolution has taken the same turns that ours has in our fourteen plus billion years.

I recently watched a documentary that theorised that the aliens we have depicted as the aforementioned “Grays” are, in fact, time travelers. They came to this conclusion after thinking that as technology has advanced, our brins have gotten bigger, as they have grown now since the caveman times; our arms have gotten shorter, as have our legs, and we have stopped reproducing, so every time someone is abducted, it is because we (they) need the DNA to repopulate the species some million or so years in the future. It sounds plausible, if not a tad farfetched. That same documentary also theorised that the ancient Mayans could, in fact, bee visitors from another planet, simply because their temples look like a sort of launch pad for a spacecraft, one of their gods is depicted riding something similar to our modern day spaceships. It make sense if you also factor in that we don’t have any real answers to the question of what happened to them. The fact that we don’t have any ancient Mayan burial grounds, nor mummies or even any grave, or bodies of the time; it all suggests that they where an alien race that, after seeing whatever mission through, simply left the planet. This, coupled with the fact that a lot of people, some credible scientists, some not so credible people have seen some manor of UFO all makes me believe that we are not alone.

Before you say it, let me beat you to the punch. I do not believe that the government has any alien technology hiding in the hangars of Area 51, or any underground sites. I do believe that, if the aliens ever came to Earth, be it at Roswell, or the Ozarks, or Spain or France, the governments of the world aren’t going to say “Look, we found some shit in the sky” nor do I believe that they would ever make any findings public. Have documents leaked to the public? I believe so, wither or not they are real, I simply do not know. No, I do not believe that the people who claim to have been abducted and probed are telling a full truth, simply because no one called them the “Little Gray Men” until after Stephen Speilberg made “Close Encounters of the Third Kind’. After that movie came out, every person who has ever seen them have described as such. I believe that, if they ever did come to the planet, they will not look like us.  They may be tall like us, or even fat, but I sincerely doubt that they would have two eyes, a mouth and be humanoid in apparence. Who knows what, if anything, the ancient Martians – the inhabitants of Mars – may have looked like. For that matter, does the Andromeda Galaxy have life? Does that life have crime, religion, or intolerance like we do? The simple answer is, I don’t know.

If you remember, or even read back that far, I have seen some sort of UFO, but I did not describe it as a saucer-like object. I used the literal definition of Unidentified Flying Object, simply because I had then, and still don’t know what it was. I do, however believe it to be some kind of either a military or other government satelite; I lied in Southern Utah, close to Vegas, so who knows, maybe it was an actual UFO.

I know that we aren’t alone in this universe, and I hope that somewhere, at sometime in my lifetime, I hope to actually meet an alien life form. Who knows, they may have two hearts and be Sintarian or even, we may even discover that Gallifrey actually exists somewhere in the crazy black matter of the universe. It is crazy, if not egocentric to think that we are the sole forms of life in the universe, as I stated above. I lie to think (and until I’m proven wrong, beyond any shadow of a doubt) that the other life  forms have discovered a cure for cancer, and AIDS, but they haven’t been discovered yet. Maybe, since there could be, maybe there is another guy, supposing that they have definite genders, of course, there could be a guy over in that galaxy who is blogging right now about life on the other side of his galaxy. Maybe they have reached the technological point where they have the capabilities to have long distance interstellar travels like that depicted in the episodes of the various Star Treks. Just because we haven’t reached the point where we can stay in space for much more than a few years doesn’t mean that they haven’t. Maybe they have invented a Tricoder that can analyze and cure dieseases; maybe they have perfected artificial gravity, so that their ships can travel in space, yet everyone stays firmly on the deck. Maybe they are looking for us, or at us, and that is what all the UFOs are that we see in the sky above us. Who knows? Do you, dear reader know for a fact that I am wrong?

Maybe the gray coloured skin that they are supposed to have been depicted with is just a space suit, in the same fashion that we have ours. Maybe they can’t handle the pollutants in the atmosphere, as that is why they haven’t landed and said ‘Hello, Earthling’. Maybe they can’t support themselves in our atmosphere they way we can’t support ourselves on  Mars. It’s all just a big theory, but until I’m proven wrong, it is mine. Maybe they have landed and they have perfected a Chameleon Circuit and their vestle is hidden amongst right now. Maybe, just maybe, we are alone.

If you are like the mindset of several of my friends, then you believe that if aliens are so advanced, they why haven’t they made contact with us? Well, as I stated before, maybe their technology has not advanced to the point where they can contact us, or maybe they have, and they decided that, no, there is nothing worth gleaming from this blue sphere orbiting this massive star, or whatever they call it in their language. I simply do not know, and try to absorb every bit of knowledge that I can on the subject.

For a short time, I did believe that Orsen Wells’ “War of the Worlds” was real, but i was young, and my late father assured me that no, it was all imagination, and that after reading about it, I found out that it was just a nice radio play.

Whatever you believe, comment in the section below and share them. If you believe, or even if you don’t I want to hear from you

Are E-cigs worth it?

In smoking on March 1, 2014 at 10:12 PM

As a recently new smoker, I wanted to try an E-cigarette. I had just gotten paid, so I knew that I would have the money. I popped over to the local Shell station, bantered with the sales clerk (although, looking back on it, it may have been the store manager) and decided on the Blu E-cig in natural tobacco flavour.
No one told me that I had to read the instructions that came on the side, but I did. I kept it in the protective rubber cap, when not using it. As the day wore on, I decided to smoke it inside my room, something that was previously unacceptible as my aunt has COPD. She didn’t complain about it, yet she liked it.
I on the other hand, did not like it. When I started, it tasted like an old cup of Starbucks that you found when you cleaned out your desk. Sure, it was pretty good when you didn’t feel like coming outside at two am, but the vapor and smoke burned my throat as I smoked it. I must admit that the cost of it, at least at the gas station, cost more than a single pack of Marlboros, so this model is not cheaper than a pack of cigarettes.
I read an article in Bloomberg Businessweek that said the starter back offered by Blu would run comparible to 20-40 packs of cigarettes, yet if you add up the cost of the refill fluid, it gets quite expensive. I normally roll my own cigarettes, and buy a pack of Luckies once a week as a treat to myself for working hard all week; that pack of Luckies runs about 70 bucks for a carton, and you can’t have them shipped out, where you can with the Blu stuff, so advantage them.
Since the first one died out with nowhere near the 400 puffs the package estimated, I have not bought another e-cigarette, no am I planning on it. I did however, like that glowing blue light at the end when I smoked in the dark. However, my personal opinion s that, no, they are not worth the money, no should you use them if you want to quit or even start smoking.  

Health and safety have gone too far

In Rants on February 14, 2014 at 2:50 AM

Today, I gave an interview to my local news station. It was on the topic of WARNING LABELS ON SODA! As I said in the interview, health and safety have gone too far.

We know that sodas aren’t healthy. We know sugar is bad if consumed in mass quanities, we don’t need the nanny state that our government has become to tell us that. It won’t matter what warnings are on the products, simply because most Americans don’t care. We have warning labels on everything, and we still use them. Cigarettes have a warning label, and we still smoke them. Besides, it should be the job of the parents to teach their kids about.

If they label soda because of the sugar content, then they should label the bags of sugar that we buy in the store. Why? Because apparently sugar is bad, mmmkay? Just limiting the warning to soda is one sided. Canned iced teas like Arizona, drinks that you get from Starbucks, the coffee you put in your pot at home, all contain sugar.

Of course, the nanny state won’t admit it, but they are making us all into wimps. I remember as.a kid, mama and daddy where our warning labels. Nowadays, you skin your knees and the.government is there to slap a warning label on you. What’s next? Are they going to warn you that walking can result in chronic knee pain? Or that running can result in tripping and that eating can cause you to choke? It’s fucking ridiculous! People are becoming mindless blobs because the government has to tell them that everything is bad for you!

Think for yourself, people!

Smell the Capitalism

In Work on February 7, 2014 at 2:38 AM

When I worked downtown I encountered a variety of people, some good, some not. One such encounter (the one you’re going to read) was kinda bad, or good, depending on how you look at it.

I was outside having a smoke before I started my shift, and a homeless motherfucker (his words) asked for change, to which I said “no. Get a job”. This made him cross, as he started to go about how he’s”living the dream” and how I’m a disgusting capitalist pig, all the while im enjoying my cigarette.

I had enough, and said “yes, I’m a capitalist pig because I work for a living and enjoy it. I enjoy the feelings and the trappings that come with that. I enjoy having to go to the bank and make a deposit; I enjoy walking across the street to get lunch; helping my family; earning a paycheck with a hard day’s work. I enjoy having my honest hard-earned money, and not having to live off the castaways of society and hope some good natured gent tosses a nickel into my cup.” He wasn’t hearing any of it. Me, being the kind hearted man that I am, I offered him a job, but “fuck no, I don’t want to work” was his reply.

Im still baffled by this. Who “loves” sleeping on a slab of cardboard in the park? Hell, I don’t. I get that people want to help their fellow man and all, but at.the same time, its better to earn than to beg.

Fast forward an hour, and this guy comes into my work, heads upstairs (it was a public place, after all) and not five minutes later, I get a call about a panhandler. I head up and “I’m just trying to get a.few.dollars to get some food” he says when I approached him…he was asked to leave…

Getting back to him, I do.enjoy capitalism. I enjoy making my little nest a bit better than others. I enjoy working (but hate paying taxes, am I right) I enjoy saving up to get a car and thus a promotion. Do I like that other people make more than I do? Fuck yes! They work harder and earn that sumbitch! If anything, capitalism drives me to make a better living, it drives me to work harder and make more money. I see these nice homes on television and I don’t get mad, I watch them and say “gotta work harder now” I have no kids, but hopefully my nephews will learn from the example my daddy set and “earn a paycheck. If not for you, then for your kids.”

Yes, I love the country I live in for providing me an opportunity to make something of myself and carve that corporate ladder down to a step stool!

Almost time to stop hating the Mustang?

In cars on January 25, 2014 at 7:34 AM

I have never cared for the Mustang past the 1960’s, largely because it got worse as Ford crammed it down our throats for 50 years, but also because I feel a better muscle car was the 69 Dodge Charger…

As I said, the ‘Stang should’ve died when we had the first oil crisis when Jimmy Carter was president, but no, Ford crammed a whole new Mustang out there and people bought it, despite not much changing from the MKI ‘Stang.

And that’s how every Mustang ever produced was created. The interior changed slightly, the engine remained a V8 with 500 BHP, abd the suspension never changed from the leaf-springs fir the front, and a “live” suspension fir the rear. To put it in terms mist can understand, that’s akin to giving a cancer patient a bloodletting as opposed to chemotherapy.

However, Ford, apparently discovered an invention called Independent Rear Suspension which means that you can drive the ‘Stang around a thing they have in Europe called “Corners” without winding up a tree! Because if this, and the new front suspension, the 2015 Mustang might just have the handling to match it’s great looks.

Before you get butthurt, lets take a gander at why I believe the Mustang should be a revival project much the way Dodge remade the Charger and the Challenger and the Camaro. Ok. In the seventies, we had a massive fuel crisis and no one was allowed more that the government deemed necessary. Goodbye General Lee, hello, Toyota. The Mustang, however survived because Ford tweaked the engine and fuel consumption, but not much else. Think about it, when’s the last time you saw a seventies, eighties, or even, God forbid the hatchback Mustang of the 90’s? Hopefully the younger crowd never will. That’s another thing about the Mustang. Volkswagen had the Golf, which is basically a muscle car hatchback, and Ford though they could do it, too, but instead of spending money and tune developing one, they took a classic American icon and gave it a hatchback! That’s like John Wayne saying he hates westerns, for corn sake! You just don’t do that. Luckily, that hatchback was never popular, and Ford used its platform for the Focus, a proper hatchback (that wishes it was a Golf GTI). Ford also got the message that sports cars and muscle cars should be a proper manual transmission, something that Dodge forgot (Challenger, I’m talking to you).

The Mustang isn’t all bad, however. I like the GT 500, even it it’s a damn lie. (The 500 comes from an engine that produced 500 BHP…it actually produced close to 450…). The Shelby Cobra was a fantastic car, as was the Roush Racing and the Cosworth (I think). But, fir going in a straight line, the Stang only has one true competitor, The Corvette…who, oddly enough, used the same style suspension until recently.

So, if Ford makes good on its promise, I expect to like the 2015 Mustang a damn sight better than I have in almost its entire 50 year run.

In defense of legalised pot…sorta

In Rants on January 21, 2014 at 1:30 AM

As I sit here reading posts from various social media sites about pot, I got to thinking, do these people know that the plant can be used for more than smoking and getting high?

As a person who loves science, I had to investigate this matter. My findings turned up that hemp, the plant that you get the weed from, can be made into a wide variety of things. Things like clothing, paper, and, according to one source, insulation for your home. Hell, just ask Woody Harrison!

I, personally dont smoke it, but wouldn’t mind if it where used in things other than smoking. Maybe it’s the hippie enviromental wackjob in me (been living in California too long) but if we can find a way to save the trees that the unwashed masses are complaining about losing, then shouldn’t we be looking into it? Of course we wouldn’t be smoking it because it would be used in clothing…right?

As I have posted before, if you are inclined to smoke it, for whatever reason, then we should separate them from the rest of the population, as my aunt, and many others are deathly allergic to the smoke and particles that attach to clothing after smoking it. I know it sounds a bit wrong for a man who has a Confederate flag tattooed on his shoulder to talk about segregation, but still. Hell we would inject a ton if money into the economy because when your high, call up any fast food burger joint and they would deliver to you so we can get the stoners off the road. Not to mention that it would be safer because they wouldn’t be driving commercial buildings like forklifts and buses.

Sure, the taxes from legal hemp would be nice, as I’m sure the logging companies could send a few workers out to harvest it. Im not calling for an end to logging, as we would still need wood, but at the same we could find another use fir the abandoned fields that pepper the cityscape, right?

So, see, not everything about pot is negative

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