Who needs drugs when you have fountain pens?

In Uncategorized on January 10, 2014 at 2:59 AM

I recently got a new ink refill for my fountain pen, and I’m over joyed because too me, they are the best thing ever. From their simple elegance tho their smooth feeling and writing style, they are just fantastic!

I received my first fountain pen for Christmas. That “Classic Pen Set”that was sold in every pharmacy around Christmas. I’d see it advertised and as a young child (the same commercial ran for about ever) and think, “wow, such a beautiful writing instrument”. So, one year, I was shopping for a few items with mama and Rite-Aid had two sets left, and a week before Christmas, they weren’t expected too get any more. That night I told mama “I’m not expecting anything, given that I’m not working and money is tight, but I did notice that Rite-Aid had that classic pen set.” She gave me some typical noncommittal mom answer, and I took care of some business I had. Christmas morning, I woke up, showered, ashamed and noticed the family was up. I headed into the living room, where I saw mama, my sister, aunt, nephew and brother-in-law. Mama handed me a copy of Wall Street (that came with the terrible sequel) and one rather large box. I opened the classic pen set, and was actually stunned; stunned to the point of silence!

My second came from the last that I took care of in Utah. She found it in a box of who knows what and said that if u can clean it up, I could have it. Well, sadly, I was unable too clean out, but I did manage to knock the broken bladder bits out. And I still have it to this day!

My third was a calligraphy pen that I had to file down the nib tho make work as a fountain pen. That was a learning experience because I found out the difference between a calligraphy pen and a fountain pen…still have that one, too!

My third fountain pen is a beautiful Cross number that my aunt bought me before we left Utah. I used it while in, and leaving Utah, especially on the train. It took some digging, but a place that sells the ink at a great price. I discovered this by going into OfficeMax too see about their pen set that had everything from the ink bottle, converter, vs syringe, pen, book and a cleaning cloth…too bad out was almost 79 dollars! Needless to say,I found the ink for it after cursing Cross for being so damn difficult in making their barrels Twitter, thus creating the need for a custom ink cartridge and no option for a converter!

So, as I stated earlier…Who needs drugs when you have fountain pens?

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