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Health and safety have gone too far

In Rants on February 14, 2014 at 2:50 AM

Today, I gave an interview to my local news station. It was on the topic of WARNING LABELS ON SODA! As I said in the interview, health and safety have gone too far.

We know that sodas aren’t healthy. We know sugar is bad if consumed in mass quanities, we don’t need the nanny state that our government has become to tell us that. It won’t matter what warnings are on the products, simply because most Americans don’t care. We have warning labels on everything, and we still use them. Cigarettes have a warning label, and we still smoke them. Besides, it should be the job of the parents to teach their kids about.

If they label soda because of the sugar content, then they should label the bags of sugar that we buy in the store. Why? Because apparently sugar is bad, mmmkay? Just limiting the warning to soda is one sided. Canned iced teas like Arizona, drinks that you get from Starbucks, the coffee you put in your pot at home, all contain sugar.

Of course, the nanny state won’t admit it, but they are making us all into wimps. I remember as.a kid, mama and daddy where our warning labels. Nowadays, you skin your knees and the.government is there to slap a warning label on you. What’s next? Are they going to warn you that walking can result in chronic knee pain? Or that running can result in tripping and that eating can cause you to choke? It’s fucking ridiculous! People are becoming mindless blobs because the government has to tell them that everything is bad for you!

Think for yourself, people!

Smell the Capitalism

In Work on February 7, 2014 at 2:38 AM

When I worked downtown I encountered a variety of people, some good, some not. One such encounter (the one you’re going to read) was kinda bad, or good, depending on how you look at it.

I was outside having a smoke before I started my shift, and a homeless motherfucker (his words) asked for change, to which I said “no. Get a job”. This made him cross, as he started to go about how he’s”living the dream” and how I’m a disgusting capitalist pig, all the while im enjoying my cigarette.

I had enough, and said “yes, I’m a capitalist pig because I work for a living and enjoy it. I enjoy the feelings and the trappings that come with that. I enjoy having to go to the bank and make a deposit; I enjoy walking across the street to get lunch; helping my family; earning a paycheck with a hard day’s work. I enjoy having my honest hard-earned money, and not having to live off the castaways of society and hope some good natured gent tosses a nickel into my cup.” He wasn’t hearing any of it. Me, being the kind hearted man that I am, I offered him a job, but “fuck no, I don’t want to work” was his reply.

Im still baffled by this. Who “loves” sleeping on a slab of cardboard in the park? Hell, I don’t. I get that people want to help their fellow man and all, but at.the same time, its better to earn than to beg.

Fast forward an hour, and this guy comes into my work, heads upstairs (it was a public place, after all) and not five minutes later, I get a call about a panhandler. I head up and “I’m just trying to get a.few.dollars to get some food” he says when I approached him…he was asked to leave…

Getting back to him, I do.enjoy capitalism. I enjoy making my little nest a bit better than others. I enjoy working (but hate paying taxes, am I right) I enjoy saving up to get a car and thus a promotion. Do I like that other people make more than I do? Fuck yes! They work harder and earn that sumbitch! If anything, capitalism drives me to make a better living, it drives me to work harder and make more money. I see these nice homes on television and I don’t get mad, I watch them and say “gotta work harder now” I have no kids, but hopefully my nephews will learn from the example my daddy set and “earn a paycheck. If not for you, then for your kids.”

Yes, I love the country I live in for providing me an opportunity to make something of myself and carve that corporate ladder down to a step stool!

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