Are E-cigs worth it?

In smoking on March 1, 2014 at 10:12 PM

As a recently new smoker, I wanted to try an E-cigarette. I had just gotten paid, so I knew that I would have the money. I popped over to the local Shell station, bantered with the sales clerk (although, looking back on it, it may have been the store manager) and decided on the Blu E-cig in natural tobacco flavour.
No one told me that I had to read the instructions that came on the side, but I did. I kept it in the protective rubber cap, when not using it. As the day wore on, I decided to smoke it inside my room, something that was previously unacceptible as my aunt has COPD. She didn’t complain about it, yet she liked it.
I on the other hand, did not like it. When I started, it tasted like an old cup of Starbucks that you found when you cleaned out your desk. Sure, it was pretty good when you didn’t feel like coming outside at two am, but the vapor and smoke burned my throat as I smoked it. I must admit that the cost of it, at least at the gas station, cost more than a single pack of Marlboros, so this model is not cheaper than a pack of cigarettes.
I read an article in Bloomberg Businessweek that said the starter back offered by Blu would run comparible to 20-40 packs of cigarettes, yet if you add up the cost of the refill fluid, it gets quite expensive. I normally roll my own cigarettes, and buy a pack of Luckies once a week as a treat to myself for working hard all week; that pack of Luckies runs about 70 bucks for a carton, and you can’t have them shipped out, where you can with the Blu stuff, so advantage them.
Since the first one died out with nowhere near the 400 puffs the package estimated, I have not bought another e-cigarette, no am I planning on it. I did however, like that glowing blue light at the end when I smoked in the dark. However, my personal opinion s that, no, they are not worth the money, no should you use them if you want to quit or even start smoking.  


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