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Patience is a Virtue?

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Patience is a Virtue?

Is patience a virtue? This man says no! Seriously, though, for as far back as I can remember, I have been an impatient man. Even now, I want this blog entry to be done, but I can only work as fast my fingers and brain can go… I have never understood people who wait for things, although for some things, one must wait.

Where’s my Spy Camera?

Remember that episode of The Simpsons, wherein Bart orders a spy camera, and for weeks he harasses the mail lady, saying “Where’s my spy camera, where’s my spy camera?” well that’s me. I have never been one to wait for anything, and I mean anything. Hell, I wasn’t supposed to be born until July 4th, but decided June was close enough! That should tell you how impatient I am!

As a kid, my friends had a hard time deciding between telling me what they wanted to and not telling me. That was because if the plans involved going somewhere, then I wanted to go then there, and not wait. Store about to close? Better hurry up then! I didn’t care, and after I got home, give me five minuets, and I’ll be ready to go again. I’m like that now, too. If I want to go somewhere, then I’m going. I don’t have a car, so I walk; it’s faster than waiting for a bus, or someone to pick me up, honestly.

Even in traffic, when I did have a car, I hated waiting. Red lights, traffic in front of me, all of it served one purpose: to annoy the absolute shit out of me, and it succeeded! I can not stand waiting, as I have mentioned, but I can understand that sometimes you have to wait, even if you don’t want to. Sometimes, as my mother would say, it’s a necessary evil…I guess. There are, though. There are times when you need to be patient, and not jump the gun, too.

Jumping the Gun is my Speciality

I guess that by virtue of proxy, not being a patient man goes hand and hand with jumping the gun. However, for me, that isn’t true. Not entirely, anyhow. I seem to have a sixth sense for wanting to stop things before they get to the good parts, admittedly, but I am not one to jump the gun. To me, that is foolish. I believe in waiting until the time is right, which I know sounds like total hypocrisy, but hear me out. I don’t like to wait, but that doesn’t mean I don’t, or won’t wait. That just means that I don’t like it. Technically speaking, I have to wait, no two ways about it. I feel like a kid sometimes, waiting for Christmas, and I don’t exactly know why. I don’t want to say that it’s anxiety, because it isn’t. As I type this, I am waiting on the local supermarket to open, and I hate that; I want to go in, but what I want and leave, and I want to do it now…but I can’t; again, I have to wait. I know that the store is going to be there, and the items I want are going to be there, and if not, then I probably shouldn’t be buying them, anyway.

Can One Learn to be Patient?

I guess that it would be possible to learn to be patient. If you take for instance, the military; they have to be patient sometimes, and wait for the right opportunity to strike. If you’re impatient like me, then that first time is going to be your last time, too! I believe that one can learn to be patient through other means, as well. I read online that you can help to learn patience by setting timers for the stuff you really want, and forcing yourself to wait until that timer goes off before you do what it is you want to do. Now, to be fair, that was talking about study help and how you can use a timer to set a goal and see how far your studies have come at the end of the time, but the same principle applies here, I think.

Some online think that the reason that I am impatient is because I am entitled, and that could not be farther from the truth. Honestly, I am not entitled to anything except what is legally mine, so that isn’t it. I don’t cop an attitude if I don’t get my way, and in fact, I’ll often times give in to what someone wants if it gets me to my endgame quicker. I didn’t have anything handed to me by my parents as child, and they taught me that I need to work for what I want, so I know that it isn’t because of that. I think the reason I am so impatient is because I just want it done and over with, and off of my mind, so that I can be on to the next adventure. That’s how I am choosing to look at it, anyhow.

Being Patient is a Scam

There are those that believe that being patient and waiting is nothing but a scam, and I sort of believe them, honestly. As I like to say, “Time spent waiting is time waisted” and that is because it is. Let’s say I have to take a bus somewhere, but I miss one bus, and the next one isn’t due for an hour. Am I going to spend an hour waiting for that next bus? Nope! I am not going to waste time waiting for a bus, especially not an hour, when I can spend that hour walking, and be an hour closer to my destination. To me, that is just sensible. Plus, I can stop at a bus stop farther down the path if I want to, and wait for it there. Since I’ve been walking an hour, I might not have to wait that long for another bus!

One side of the coin, you have those that believe that “the early bird gets the worm”, and they think that the best strategy is to go now, or as early as possible, get your business handled, and get it over with. That’s where I fall. However, on the other side of that coin, we have those who believe “all good things come to those who wait”, and they don’t mind waiting for something. They are strange pod people, too.

I will admit, however that I am learning to be more patient, if not for anything else, but because I have to. Like Darwin said, “those who do not adapt, are sure to die off”. I know that certain things are out of my control, as much as that pains me to admit, and sometimes, I have no other option, but to wait. I think that finding another option while I wait to fulfil the other is the best strategy for me, personally. Like now, for instance; I’m writing this because I have to wait for the store to open, so I decided to write down my thoughts on waiting. I use my phone while my laptop charges, and vice versa, because it makes the wait of not being able to use the item more bearable. That’s if I don’t use the item as it charges, that is.


Well, those are my thoughts on being impatient. Let me know yours down below, too. I would love to know what you guys use to exercise, and/or learn patience; I’ll try anything once!

Did that just happen?

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I was reading a series of stories online, and was reminded of the time a complete unknown walked up to me and praised me for having the courage to smoke my pipe. Here is that story.

It was a warm summer day and I was slated to get a haircut. My friend and neighbour was outside smoking a cigarette, and since I had some time on my hands, I loaded up my pipe. I had nary a puff from the briar before I heard “How old are you?” I turn to see a man approaching me; his cap denoting that he was a serviceman, so I felt obliged to indulge his question. “Twenty-three, sir” I say with my pipe clenched in my teeth.

He asked if I had anyone else in my family who smoked a pipe, and I told him that I come from a long line of birar buddies. He said that his grandfater, father and uncle smoked for over thirty years, before they gave it up.

We ended the conversation with “Thank you young man. You have given me hope for the young. Thank you!” We shook hands, and he left. It was my first such encounter where the words ‘murderer’, ‘baby killer’ and ‘asshole’ where neither spoken, nor thought. Being from California, and having many such encounters where said words were exchanged…it gave me a start when we had a plesant encounter to cap a beautiful outing.

That guy was a rarity. Not just because he was a Utahan who enjoyed the pipe smoking, and trust me, there aren’t many, but because he did not seem to have a story about how he had known someone who died of cancer just to scare me. He did, however have a story about how he didn’t develop the taste for the pipe like his family members did.

I have already shared why I smoke the briar and will not repete myself, but I will add that I find a good briar, tobacco and friends is all a man needs in his life.

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