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We are not alone, are we?

In UFOS on March 20, 2014 at 6:51 AM

The universe; vast infinite, ever expanding. Over the years, I hae come t believe many things, one of which being that we humans aren’t alone in the universe.

It is pretty egocentric to think that we are alone, that we are THE sole beings of any inellegence in the universe. With science finding new evidence and new planets that could possibly hold life floating around the black matter…you’d have to be crazy to think otherwise.

Sure, maybe we are alone, maybe we aren’t. I believe, as I stated above, that we are not the sole intellegent beings in this universe; we’e proven long ago  that we are the only life in ouur solar system, but maybe the other beings live on the other end of the infinite universe and have yet to make it here, just as we have only discovered and probed roughly .00000000000001 percent of it. Maybe the events of Star Wars are real, and are, and have happened. Just because we haven’t seen them does not mean that they do not exist.

Do I believe that aliens life forms have visited us in the past? Yes, and no. Yes, because we have cave paintings, drawings, carvings, all depicting something similar to our modern flying machines such as ships, aeroplanes, and even the TARDIS has appeared in one. No, I don’t believe that the aliens are little gray or green men that have large heads and spindly arms and legs. If aliens ever visited us, landed on the lawn of the White House, they wouldn’t look like us. Not unless their evolution has taken the same turns that ours has in our fourteen plus billion years.

I recently watched a documentary that theorised that the aliens we have depicted as the aforementioned “Grays” are, in fact, time travelers. They came to this conclusion after thinking that as technology has advanced, our brins have gotten bigger, as they have grown now since the caveman times; our arms have gotten shorter, as have our legs, and we have stopped reproducing, so every time someone is abducted, it is because we (they) need the DNA to repopulate the species some million or so years in the future. It sounds plausible, if not a tad farfetched. That same documentary also theorised that the ancient Mayans could, in fact, bee visitors from another planet, simply because their temples look like a sort of launch pad for a spacecraft, one of their gods is depicted riding something similar to our modern day spaceships. It make sense if you also factor in that we don’t have any real answers to the question of what happened to them. The fact that we don’t have any ancient Mayan burial grounds, nor mummies or even any grave, or bodies of the time; it all suggests that they where an alien race that, after seeing whatever mission through, simply left the planet. This, coupled with the fact that a lot of people, some credible scientists, some not so credible people have seen some manor of UFO all makes me believe that we are not alone.

Before you say it, let me beat you to the punch. I do not believe that the government has any alien technology hiding in the hangars of Area 51, or any underground sites. I do believe that, if the aliens ever came to Earth, be it at Roswell, or the Ozarks, or Spain or France, the governments of the world aren’t going to say “Look, we found some shit in the sky” nor do I believe that they would ever make any findings public. Have documents leaked to the public? I believe so, wither or not they are real, I simply do not know. No, I do not believe that the people who claim to have been abducted and probed are telling a full truth, simply because no one called them the “Little Gray Men” until after Stephen Speilberg made “Close Encounters of the Third Kind’. After that movie came out, every person who has ever seen them have described as such. I believe that, if they ever did come to the planet, they will not look like us.  They may be tall like us, or even fat, but I sincerely doubt that they would have two eyes, a mouth and be humanoid in apparence. Who knows what, if anything, the ancient Martians – the inhabitants of Mars – may have looked like. For that matter, does the Andromeda Galaxy have life? Does that life have crime, religion, or intolerance like we do? The simple answer is, I don’t know.

If you remember, or even read back that far, I have seen some sort of UFO, but I did not describe it as a saucer-like object. I used the literal definition of Unidentified Flying Object, simply because I had then, and still don’t know what it was. I do, however believe it to be some kind of either a military or other government satelite; I lied in Southern Utah, close to Vegas, so who knows, maybe it was an actual UFO.

I know that we aren’t alone in this universe, and I hope that somewhere, at sometime in my lifetime, I hope to actually meet an alien life form. Who knows, they may have two hearts and be Sintarian or even, we may even discover that Gallifrey actually exists somewhere in the crazy black matter of the universe. It is crazy, if not egocentric to think that we are the sole forms of life in the universe, as I stated above. I lie to think (and until I’m proven wrong, beyond any shadow of a doubt) that the other life  forms have discovered a cure for cancer, and AIDS, but they haven’t been discovered yet. Maybe, since there could be, maybe there is another guy, supposing that they have definite genders, of course, there could be a guy over in that galaxy who is blogging right now about life on the other side of his galaxy. Maybe they have reached the technological point where they have the capabilities to have long distance interstellar travels like that depicted in the episodes of the various Star Treks. Just because we haven’t reached the point where we can stay in space for much more than a few years doesn’t mean that they haven’t. Maybe they have invented a Tricoder that can analyze and cure dieseases; maybe they have perfected artificial gravity, so that their ships can travel in space, yet everyone stays firmly on the deck. Maybe they are looking for us, or at us, and that is what all the UFOs are that we see in the sky above us. Who knows? Do you, dear reader know for a fact that I am wrong?

Maybe the gray coloured skin that they are supposed to have been depicted with is just a space suit, in the same fashion that we have ours. Maybe they can’t handle the pollutants in the atmosphere, as that is why they haven’t landed and said ‘Hello, Earthling’. Maybe they can’t support themselves in our atmosphere they way we can’t support ourselves on  Mars. It’s all just a big theory, but until I’m proven wrong, it is mine. Maybe they have landed and they have perfected a Chameleon Circuit and their vestle is hidden amongst right now. Maybe, just maybe, we are alone.

If you are like the mindset of several of my friends, then you believe that if aliens are so advanced, they why haven’t they made contact with us? Well, as I stated before, maybe their technology has not advanced to the point where they can contact us, or maybe they have, and they decided that, no, there is nothing worth gleaming from this blue sphere orbiting this massive star, or whatever they call it in their language. I simply do not know, and try to absorb every bit of knowledge that I can on the subject.

For a short time, I did believe that Orsen Wells’ “War of the Worlds” was real, but i was young, and my late father assured me that no, it was all imagination, and that after reading about it, I found out that it was just a nice radio play.

Whatever you believe, comment in the section below and share them. If you believe, or even if you don’t I want to hear from you

The truth is out there

In Uncategorized on February 22, 2013 at 6:10 PM

As I pen this, I am watching Penn&Teller: Bullshit! They are debunking alien abductions, and that got me thinking about them. Before I begin, just let ne say that I do not believe in alien abductions, nor will I. I simply believe that the universe is so large that there simply has to be outer life.

My father used to say “There has to be life out there, to assume otherwise is foolish” and he was right. When you take into account the enormity of the universe and couple that with the finite amount that we humans have probed, it is logical to assume that other life exists in our universe. Now, just because we haven’t found it does not mean that it isn’t there. We haven’t found the Holy Grail, but that it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Now, maybe the other life out there is as advanced as we are, and can only probe a finite amount, as well. Doesn’t mean that we don’t exist to them, nor do I believe that they don’t exist to us.
Maybe they didn’t have a Dark Age like we did and they have spent more time developing their own space travel, and the “UFOs” that the people have seen (people like me, if you recall) are simply exploration vessels sent by them to investigate us the way we sent Curiosity to Mars.

I don’t believe that crop circles are signs from above, the way many of the “believers” claim. In my mind, we explained it as kids looking for some fun. The reason I have the comfort, is because when I was a child, my dad and I watched a program about the kids who did it. When interviewed, the kids admitted to doing it as a gag!

It can also be asked why we haven’t seen any solid evidence of aliens. Its simple; no one can agree on what the aliens look like. For the majority of people, they all have the same impression of little grey men with big heads, tiny bodies, and big almond shaped eyes. Steven Speilburg had the same idea for his movie “Close Encounters if the Third Kind”. Even if the aliens landed on the White House Lawn, people would say “They aren’t what I saw; not real”. I believe that the other life forms that reside in the massive universe WILL NOT LOOK LIKE US! Maybe their planet was formed the same way, but their evolution took a different turn. Maybe their life is a race of lizard-people where they have developed the ability to speak, and act like humans, but are reptilian, or maybe cats took the dominate species. (Ask anyone who owns a cat, and that theory is true!)

The answer to the question if life in the universe, is akin to the answer to religion. Many people claim many things, but ultimately no one can prove or disprove anything. I believe in the other life in our universe, but if you don’t, fine,just let me believe in my ways and I will return the same courtesy to you.

Thanks for reading, and let me know your opinion on the matter

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