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Almost time to stop hating the Mustang?

In cars on January 25, 2014 at 7:34 AM

I have never cared for the Mustang past the 1960’s, largely because it got worse as Ford crammed it down our throats for 50 years, but also because I feel a better muscle car was the 69 Dodge Charger…

As I said, the ‘Stang should’ve died when we had the first oil crisis when Jimmy Carter was president, but no, Ford crammed a whole new Mustang out there and people bought it, despite not much changing from the MKI ‘Stang.

And that’s how every Mustang ever produced was created. The interior changed slightly, the engine remained a V8 with 500 BHP, abd the suspension never changed from the leaf-springs fir the front, and a “live” suspension fir the rear. To put it in terms mist can understand, that’s akin to giving a cancer patient a bloodletting as opposed to chemotherapy.

However, Ford, apparently discovered an invention called Independent Rear Suspension which means that you can drive the ‘Stang around a thing they have in Europe called “Corners” without winding up a tree! Because if this, and the new front suspension, the 2015 Mustang might just have the handling to match it’s great looks.

Before you get butthurt, lets take a gander at why I believe the Mustang should be a revival project much the way Dodge remade the Charger and the Challenger and the Camaro. Ok. In the seventies, we had a massive fuel crisis and no one was allowed more that the government deemed necessary. Goodbye General Lee, hello, Toyota. The Mustang, however survived because Ford tweaked the engine and fuel consumption, but not much else. Think about it, when’s the last time you saw a seventies, eighties, or even, God forbid the hatchback Mustang of the 90’s? Hopefully the younger crowd never will. That’s another thing about the Mustang. Volkswagen had the Golf, which is basically a muscle car hatchback, and Ford though they could do it, too, but instead of spending money and tune developing one, they took a classic American icon and gave it a hatchback! That’s like John Wayne saying he hates westerns, for corn sake! You just don’t do that. Luckily, that hatchback was never popular, and Ford used its platform for the Focus, a proper hatchback (that wishes it was a Golf GTI). Ford also got the message that sports cars and muscle cars should be a proper manual transmission, something that Dodge forgot (Challenger, I’m talking to you).

The Mustang isn’t all bad, however. I like the GT 500, even it it’s a damn lie. (The 500 comes from an engine that produced 500 BHP…it actually produced close to 450…). The Shelby Cobra was a fantastic car, as was the Roush Racing and the Cosworth (I think). But, fir going in a straight line, the Stang only has one true competitor, The Corvette…who, oddly enough, used the same style suspension until recently.

So, if Ford makes good on its promise, I expect to like the 2015 Mustang a damn sight better than I have in almost its entire 50 year run.

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