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An idea that may actually work?

In Uncategorized on November 30, 2013 at 2:22 AM

As I sit here, I had a jolly good idea. Make vending machines, and thus everything accessible via debit card! Think of how much easier and simpler our lives would be!

As we progress into a more plastic carrying nation, and thus stop using paper money, it would be a boon for banks and the like to manufacture a vending machine that takes debit cards. If you’re like me, then you no longer carry cash, and want a Wild Cherry Pepsi at, oh, say 1:25 AM, but have no cash on hand, and refuse to get dressed and pop off to the nearest petrol station. What’ll you do? Grab your debit card, mates!

How this genius idea will work is like any other debit transaction, you make a selection on the item, crisps, or soda, and insert your debit card, then your pin number. Bam, soda and a bag of crisps!

Not to mention that if you ride buses to and fro, then the debit system is a no go. You need to get to work, but no time to pop off and get a few dollars? Guess you’re late, chum. Not with my debit system. Slid in your card and insert your pin, and your off to work in no time! See, I’m not always blogging about the crude things we should do, this one helps!

We already pay via debit for everything, so why not include vending machines and public transport? The laundromat in my old neighbourhood took credit cards! That’s one I didn’t think of when compiling this list of greatness. We can buy stuff online and have it shipped to us via debit card, so why not have sweets, and soda? Hell, most of us can’t even reach our pockets. Not to mention that we could curd the random drug trades in the street, as I doubt that T-bog wants a paper trail. Strip clubs could also benefit, as a girl will still come to your table with those little machines that read the card, the user inserts an amount he wants to pay (tip included) and then she would start her dance. Want more dances? Just insert another am out and off she goes again. Of course we would still have the cash option, but after a few years they would be fazed out, either from lack of use, or the government decided that paper and coin money is a fallacy. And not to mention that paper money, such as a dollar or a penny costs somewhere between half and double the amount of the denomination to make, where plastic cards can be made for next to nothing and hold billions. See economical!

They burn paper money after it gets too old. Plastic cards can be melted down and made into anything like a Corvette for instance…that you bought with…..a new debit card! Its the circle of life! And, as technology progresses, we will manufacture new ways of producing the cards, and eventually, plastic will non longer get used, saving the hippy crybabies and their hippy tears. See? Works for everyone!

So, in closing, the debit card is a boon, and as soon as our government rulers realize this, the better, and more convenient our lives will be.

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