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In defense of legalised pot…sorta

In Rants on January 21, 2014 at 1:30 AM

As I sit here reading posts from various social media sites about pot, I got to thinking, do these people know that the plant can be used for more than smoking and getting high?

As a person who loves science, I had to investigate this matter. My findings turned up that hemp, the plant that you get the weed from, can be made into a wide variety of things. Things like clothing, paper, and, according to one source, insulation for your home. Hell, just ask Woody Harrison!

I, personally dont smoke it, but wouldn’t mind if it where used in things other than smoking. Maybe it’s the hippie enviromental wackjob in me (been living in California too long) but if we can find a way to save the trees that the unwashed masses are complaining about losing, then shouldn’t we be looking into it? Of course we wouldn’t be smoking it because it would be used in clothing…right?

As I have posted before, if you are inclined to smoke it, for whatever reason, then we should separate them from the rest of the population, as my aunt, and many others are deathly allergic to the smoke and particles that attach to clothing after smoking it. I know it sounds a bit wrong for a man who has a Confederate flag tattooed on his shoulder to talk about segregation, but still. Hell we would inject a ton if money into the economy because when your high, call up any fast food burger joint and they would deliver to you so we can get the stoners off the road. Not to mention that it would be safer because they wouldn’t be driving commercial buildings like forklifts and buses.

Sure, the taxes from legal hemp would be nice, as I’m sure the logging companies could send a few workers out to harvest it. Im not calling for an end to logging, as we would still need wood, but at the same we could find another use fir the abandoned fields that pepper the cityscape, right?

So, see, not everything about pot is negative

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