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How I banged your mom until she died…

In TV Shows on March 31, 2014 at 11:53 PM


Ok, I loved How I Met Your Mother when I first saw it, and even in the last groaning years, I was there; I toughed it out. But tonight’s finale was shit! I was most upset at the fact that they spent the entire season building up to the wedding of Barney and Robin, only to undo it before the fist half was done. What the fuck? Not to mention that they sorta used the Mother, now known as Tracy, as a sort of placeholder because they had to. They skipped to the big moments in their life, that, thanks to Robin’s job, she missed. She missed the birth of Barney’s child (to an unknown woman, by the way) She missed Marshal becoming a judge; missed the funeral (as we all did, by the way) of the mother.
I was ok with the mother dying, as I figured that it would happen since we all saw the Visuvius episode wherein Tracy said “No mother would voluntriairly miss her daughter’s wedding”; I figured that they would kill her off, but would have liked to see some more of her, and not just in snippets. They shot the ending in season 1 because the kids would have grown up by then, something else I am ok with. What I’m not ok with is that the ended it with Robin and Ted getting together…again…
OK, If they had just ended it with “Kids, that is how I met your mother” and not “This entire story has been about you loving Robin” and him asking permission to date her, it would have been ok. If they had said who Barney got knocked up and not name her “Number 31”, that would have been ok, too. No, they pissed on the fans who had been there for the entire run. We sat through Duck Tie, the Slap Bet, Stella,Victoria, James Van Der Beek, John Lithgow as Barney’s dad (When I saw him, I had just finished his run in Dexter and was expecting him to hide his secret) We sat through Barney not knowing that his mother was behind everything he did as child; we didn’t question his brother being Wayne Brady; we didn’t question why Lily never got any comeuppance for anything she did, nor did we question who was the third child to be born of Lilypad and Marshmallow… We waited patiently as we found out who was the mother…

That’s another thing. They introduced the mother late because CBS ordered one more season that what was planned, and she became as much a part of us as Ted, Barney and the rest. If they had waited until the very end, or at least the wedding to introduce the mother, and not give her time to find her way into our hearts, it would have been fine. Then we get to the ending montage.
The mother gets sick and THERE WAS NOTHING ABOUT HER FUNERAL NOR WHAT SHE CONTRACTED (though people have tossed about the idea of her getting cancer, which sorta makes sense) They skipped to the worst ending in tv history, and yes, I’m including Dexter and Lost in here. They knew that the ending was coming from day one, and had no plans to turn from the iceberg that we saw coming. they knew that Robin and Ted would get together from day one, scene one, take one, page one, line one, word one! FUCK YOU!

Why couldn’t they make Barney and Robin happy together? They instead made Robin happy by giving her the out she wanted; if you remember correctly, she said she never wanted to get married, and the entire season was just a build up to it. We sat through Marshal in a car for half a season and we get rewarded with this? What bullshit! It would have been fine if they said, okk, look, people are going to be pissed off if we give them the entire Robin and Ted shit all over again. But, no, it was, as I said earlier a long, drawn out, love story about how Ted NEVER GOT OVER ROBIN! Am I to believe that she was sad, alone and destitute until she magically saw Ted at her window? If he never stopped pining over her, then am I to believe that the marriage between Ted and Tracy was a sham because he wished he was with Robin? It’s completely wrong that they did this to us. We got tired of the “Will they, wont they?” aspect of it around the season featuring Duck Tie. We thought he was finally over her when he “Let go” of her on the beach, but no. It was a massive FUCK YOU GUYS to the fans.

I would not be complaining if they had decided that, instead of having Marshal in the car for half a season and the mother meeting all the cast before the wedding, had her in a few episodes towards the end. (Her funeral, for instance…) As I said earlier, the episode entitled “Visuvius” did kinda planthe way for the ending, but none of us wanted it. We wanted to know that the mother was around for a long time, or at least until the ending and then wonder if she died, not a two second clip in a montage that ended with Ted and Robin getting together…again… I get that some relationships take forever to get going on the right track, and that people die, and the world keeps on spinning. My complaint is that they undid all the character development that happened over three years!

We saw Barney grow into a gentleman that we can respect – undid in the fist half of the episode. Robin looked like she had come round and felt that, maybe, just maybe she could settle down and have a good life. The development of Ted finally being happy with someone (NOT ROBIN) was undone with the final scene and that damn French horn! I get that he waited for years after his wife died, but to date Robin again? NO! It was nice that Marshal finally got his wish of being a judge and that he was going to run for State Supreme Court, even if we have no idea what the fuck happened in Rome, aside from the birth of Daisy.

However, it was not a complete shock, the ending. We saw Robin seeing Ted in the  old, played out Halloween costume and Robin saying “…the man I should have ended up with…” before leaving. I saw the ending coming a mile away, and wanted to throw my phone at the television, but I can’t afford a new phone right now, so I smoked instead.

I get that a few people liked the ending with the love story finally coming to an end and Robin and Ted ending up together. When I predicted the ending in the story “Duck Tie” I knew that it would be bad; not just for me, but for the series as a whole, especially if they continued with it. They did, and now, if I’m honest, I doubt much that I will watch the reruns anytime soon, as the memory is still tainted with the abortion that is the finale. If you where happy that Ted and Robin got back together, ok, fine. If not, come round my house and lets share a beer as comiserate.

I will not be watching the spin-off “How I Met Your Dad’ because of this, no matter what questions they answer about what happened in the final episode. CBS and Bays and Thomas have fucked me over for the last time!    

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