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This is a change…

In Uncategorized on July 29, 2013 at 11:18 PM

Due to the recent influx of requests, I have decided to post another in a series, however I’m, changing it to be stuff I enjoy….

The first thing I enjoy is cold weather. Something about wind and cool temperatures just…it just gets me, you know?

I enjoy the smell of fresh bread! My aunt makes the best bread; sadly, due to a work injury, she cannot make it. My house hasn’t been the same since!

I enjoy the first puff of a fresh batch of pipe tobacco. To me the best time to smoke is after a hard day’s work, just grab your favorite (preferably non carbonated) beverage, a book (or blog…) and sit back and enjoy!

I enjoy video games! Shocking, I know…but I do. Probably the best video game I’ve ever play is Pac-Man; as old as it is, there is something about watching that little cheese wheel, that just captivates me. Even as technology advances, and an original working copy becomes harder to find than a unicorn-rhino hybrid, that will always be the best game.

I enjoy a great book. One that starts off as great as it finishes. Tom Clancy is my favourite author, despite just handing his ideas off to someone and collecting a paycheck. His novel Rainbow Six was his best work, even if it took the video game to make me read it!

As crotchety as I am, I enjoy the company of others. I enjoy my friends and family, it’s “outsiders” I cannot stand. When I’m with my friends, the rest if the world can wait!

These are just a few of the tthings that I enjoy. If I posted them all, the internet would crash, so I am going to leave it here. As always, feel free to drop me a comment and let me hear you kind folk’s opinion. Thanks for reading

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